Thursday, March 23, 2017

EOG's Liberty LR (Long Reach) Wells In Parshall Oil Field

EOG with three more Liberty LR permits, reported earlier today.

The graphic:

The wells:
  • 33434, loc, EOG, Liberty LR 109-1109H,
  • 33433, loc, EOG, Liberty LR 42-1109H,
  • 33432, loc, EOG, Liberty LR 43-1109H,
  • 30595, loc, EOG, Liberty LR 30-2321H,
  • 30594, loc, EOG, Liberty LR 108-2321H,
  • 30593, loc, EOG, Liberty LR 29-2321H,
  • 23958, loc, EOG, Liberty LR 107-1109H,
  • 20255, 892, EOG, Liberty LR 15-26H, t4/12; cum 317K 4/17;
  • 20254, 980, EOG, Liberty LR 20-26H, t12/11; cum 299K 4/17;
  • 20038, 625, EOG, Liberty LR 12-11H, t4/12; cum 223K 4/17;
  • 20037, 790, EOG, Liberty LR 17-11H, t6/11; cum 300K 4/17;
  • 19802, 1,215, EOG, Liberty LR 18014H, t10/11; cum 320K 4/17;
  • 19721, 1,063, EOG, Liberty LR 19-23H, t3/11; cum 338K 4/17;
  • 19720, 510, EOG, Liberty LR 14-23H, t4/11; cum 251K 4/17;
  • 19231, 398, EOG, Liberty LR 13-14H, t12/11; cum 293K 4/17;
  • 18979, PNC, EOG, Liberty LR XX-23H,
  • 18828, 1,066, EOG, Liberty LR 16-36H, t2/11; cum 375K 4/17;
A Note For The Granddaughters 

My wife and I drive the three granddaughters to almost every "event" in their lives: soccer, water polo, daycare, dental appointments, elementary school, middle school, everything, you name it.

I love it. It is incredibly relaxing. I'm "free" after we drive them to school in the morning until about 2:00 p.m. every day when we start picking them up after school. Several nights each week I am at the indoor pool watching the older one at water polo practice. On the weekends I am often driving across Texas taking the middle granddaughter to soccer practice.

The older granddaughter, age 14 this summer, will soon be learning to drive. I use these driving opportunities to talk to her about driving.

Tonight we had the opportunity to reinforce the importance of always having an "escape route."

It was well after dark, coming back from water polo. We were on the "fast" part of the road back to Grapevine, where there are about six lanes across (in one direction) and lots of lane changing due to three major highways merging. It's quite sporty, lots of fun. I always enjoy it, going from the far right lane where we merge to the far left lane for the exit.

Tonight, fortunately, we were in lane five (of six); in lane four a two-car wreck, with the lead car part way into our lane. It it interesting how the brain works; it always takes the brain a moment or two to sort out something that is not expected. A stopped car in your lane when the traffic is moving at 60 to 70 mph is unexpected, and it takes a moment for one's brain to register that something is amiss.

Once it registered, I quickly looked over my left shoulder -- relatively free -- and moved slightly into lane six. A car in that lane moved slightly unto the shoulder -- we both sped up to get past the wreck. It appeared it was a non-injury accident.

After we were well clear, my granddaughter and I debriefed each other (as we would say in the military) about what we had just seen, what everyone did to avoid the accident. It was a great opportunity to talk to her about continually watching traffic 360-degrees when traveling on the freeway -- knowing who was coming up on "your tail"; who was passing on your left, or right; and, always thinking of escape routes if needed.

And then we went back to what we were talking about before the incident: binary base. She had told me that there are 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary, and those who do not. LOL.

Total Eclipse of the Heart, Bonnie Tyler

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