Friday, February 24, 2017

Finally, It's Official -- It Was A Typographical Error -- NDIC Reported An IP Of 5,224 For An EOG Well; EOG Reported The IP To Be 524 -- February 24, 2016

I should have caught the typo. An alert reader caught the typo and I posted that note. Here's one of the original posts (IP in error). This is where I first corrected it (a huge "thank you" to a reader for calling me on this one) -- I should have caught it -- but I wear oily-smeared glasses.

It took awhile, but the EOG sundry forms finally showed up and, yes, it was a typo. Here's a screenshot of the NDIC scout ticket for this well. Note, it shows the IP for this well to be 5,224.

Now, note the screenshot of EOG's sundry form:

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