Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Peak Oil? Yup. In Asia -- January 17, 2017

Quick: what do Malaysia and China have in common? It's been posted on the blog several times.

From CNBC:
Oil production in Asia-Pacific is declining at a rate not seen elsewhere in the world, with around half of losses coming from China alone, Wood Mackenzie has warned.
China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand are among the biggest producers in Asia but the near having of crude oil prices since 2014 has hit the industry and resulted in an annual average base decline rate of around 7 percent within existing oil fields, Rodger pointed out.
"Lower oil prices and the severe cuts to upstream capex (capital expenditure) to mature assets has increased decline rates," he explained in a new video published on Wood Mackenzie's site.
Chicago Homicides

This could become a regular feature, sort of like the monthly atmospheric CO2 numbers.

Previously posted:
Downtown is getting safer! Chicago homicides already dropping significantly after Trump election. The 24 homicides over the year's first 15 days (a dynamic link) extrapolates to 584 Chicago homicides in 2017, compared with 797 in 2016. If that holds, that represents a decrease of 27% homicides in the Windy City, one year after the shocking Trump election. 
Today, January 17, 2017: Over the MLK weekend, ten homicides. Now, 26 homicides over 16 days extrapolates to 593 for the year.

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