Thursday, November 17, 2016

Truck Reliever Bypass Northeast Of Williston Still Under Discussion -- November 17, 2016

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Although the project has been narrowed down to two possible routes, both of which connect U.S. Highway 2 to Highway 1804 by cutting through Stony Creek and Pherrin townships, Williams County and Williston officials have not settled on a preferred corridor.
OPEC Talks

Pricing: Being tweeted right now -- Saudi Arabia oil minister is suggesting a 32.5 million bopd  ceiling -- this is quite bullish if really that's where talks are heading -- Javier Blas, retweeted by John Kemp.

So, what's the "TV crawler" saying? Up slightly; up 0.33% to $46.25 (WTI). 

The Two Americas of 2016

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