Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Wall -- November 17, 2016

The Trump presidency is going to be so much fun to watch.

But let's get this out of the way first: it won't be easy. Trump will be fighting the mainstream media, Senator Schumer, Representative Pelosi (?), Pocahontas, Representative Ryan, RINOs, and others. But every time there is a bit of bad news or an unforeseen obstacle remember this, it could be worse:
  • we could be listening to another Barack Obama speech
  • we could be listening to Hillary talking with Huma
  • we could be listening to Hillary talking about Chelsea
  • we could be listening to Hillary about free college tuition
These are some random thoughts on why the Trump presidency will be fun to watch and how it will be different from past administrations.

After I completed the list, I ran through it again. I wonder if I should not have reversed the order?

First: most importantly, this is the ultimate military-industrial complex. We have a multi-billion-dollar business man melding with a special ops 3-star general officer. And in the outer office: Stephen Bannon. Quick: name the current National Security Advisor. Yes, that's what I thought. Now, when was the last time the president took a national security briefing in his private residence? Yes, that's what I thought to.

Second: I think the calendar changes. Politicians "work" between late Monday afternoon and early Friday morning. The weekly news "dump" occurs after 4:00 p.m. ET Friday afternoons. We're going to start seeing headlines about things other than the weather on the weekend.

Third: he loves to travel. Expect to see a lot more excursions to industrial America. The Bakken will be a better photo-op than the Permian, but either one is fine.

Fourth: Washington is not HIS town. He will stay in Washington when it's necessary but he will get out of town as much as possible.

Fifth: expect much more interesting press conferences, and more frequent press conferences. Trump, like many New Yorkers, love to talk.

Sixth: expect more family dinners in downtown NYC -- with politicians from both sides of the aisle.

Seventh: Jared Kushner. Family wealth, but, at age 26, he made the most expensive single-building property purchase in US history.

Eighth: Melanie Trump. Melania peaks six languages fluently: Serbo-Croatian, English, French, Italian, German, and her native Slovene. She will be a great "aide-de-camp" when he travels to Europe. She is a private person, but there is a possibility that Melania will be the "second Jackie." If not the "second Jackie," she will certainly be compared to Jackie. Melania's parents live in the US; they may move to the White House. Michelle's children have grandparents in the White House. Melanie comes off as a very compelling personality.

Ninth: commitment; he says he won't take vacations. That tells me he has a way of combining work with leisure. Most high-level military officers never take leave unless ordered to do so by their commander; the current president himself has said he is "lazy" by nature.

Tenth: energy; his three adult children. If you don't believe me, watch the 60 Minute video. The mainstream media will eventually fall "in love" with these children, if they already haven't. The comments by Don, Jr., were quite wonderfully incredible. Ivanka comes across as smarter than Leslie Stahl; I think Leslie Stahl was schooled by a young woman half her age.

Eleventh: one's word is one's honor, something we haven't seen in quite some time; in the 60 Minutes interview, Trump mentioned that he was "disappointed" that Jeb Bush signed a pledge and then did not honor it. I've mentioned that more than once. That told me all I need to know about the Bushes.

The Wall

I thought I had already posted this but can't find it. At risk of repeating myself, "the wall" as President-elect Trump uses it:
  • it's a physical structure
  • it's a public-private political partnership
  • it's a metonym for US border security
President-elect outlined the three areas in that 60 Minutes interview which he will focus on when he comes into office.

With Leslie Stahl, the first issue of substance:
  • the "physical wall"; barely backed down from this; only concession -- some places may be a "fence" (you know, it's interesting: the DFW is better protected than the US border along Mexico; there's something wrong with that)
  • deport criminal illegal aliens, two to three million.
  • secure the border.
With Paul Ryan, the top three issues:
  • health care
  • immigration
  • tax reform -- simplify and lower 
Although he did not say it, "jobs" were also among the top three or four areas in which he will focus.

As you start to think about "the wall," remember that joke about two walkers approaching the woods, with one of the two walkers stopping to put on tennis shoes; when asked why, because he certainly can't outrun a bear, he said, "I don't have to outrun the bear; I only have to outrun you."

That holds true for "the wall." Texas will take the lead, partly because the "real' problem is in Texas. Once the word gets out that Texas is taking the lead on border security, the problem will move west to New Mexico, Arizona, and California. That will be fun to watch. [Update, one day later, November 18, 2016: it is now being reported that Central American immigrants are now pouring through Yuma, New Mexico.]

I think most folks think the Feds will start building the wall from one border of Texas to the other end. Nope. It will simply start with bringing in Federal and State agencies and bulking up the areas where the traffic is. Once those areas are secure, the agencies will move to the new areas of illegal border crossings.  Once the Federal and State agencies have have made the area "safe" in which to work, the blue-collar workers will come into start building a physical wall to make the job easier border "police." Technology has come a long way: think drones.

The "wall" will be built on private and state land. The Feds won't have any laws that preclude fences or walls from being put up on private and state land.

Enough for now.

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