Sunday, February 21, 2016

Nine (9) More Bakken DUCs; CLR Reports A Nice Brooklyn Well -- Sunday, February 21, 2016

When you scroll through this list of wells coming off the confidential list, remember that the Saudi Surge/Price Plunge began in October, 2014. It's now been almost 16 months of pain. Pay attention to the operators still drilling.

Monday, February 22, 2016
  • 29682, SI/NC, Statoil, Richard 8-5 3TFH, Banks, no production data,
Sunday, February 21, 2016
  • 29612, SI/NC, Statoil, Cheryl 17-20 7H, Banks, no production data,
  • 30798, SI/NC, XTO, Big Gulch Federal 41X-16A, Haystack Butte,
  • 30957, SI/NC, EOG, Van Hook 67-3606H, Parshall, no production data,
  • 31398, conf, Newfield, Larsen 152-96-9-3HLW, Westberg, no production data,
  • 31744, SI/NC, XTO, Cheryl Federal 24X-12A, Grinnell, no production data,
Saturday, February 20, 2016
  • 29683, SI/NC, Statoil, Richard 8-5 7H,  Banks, no production data,
  • 29866, 697, CLR, Helena 4-7H, Brooklyn, t9/15; cum 37K 12/15;
  • 30799, SI/NC, XTO, Big Gulch Federal 41X-16B,  Haystack Butte, no production data,
  • 30956, SI/NC, EOG, Van Hook 68-3606H, Parshall, no production data,
  • 31745, SI/NC, XTO, Cheryl Federal 24X-12E, Grinnell, no production data,

29866, see above, CLR, Helena 4-7H, Brooklyn:

DateOil RunsMCF Sold

Championship Game -- Water Polo
Lead-Up to the 2016 Summer Olympics
FINA -- Lewisville, TX
February 21, 2016
For the Granddaughters, Especially Arianna

Team Canada without their robes depart, having just been defeated by China.

Team Australia in their robes begin to assemble in the far southwest corner. I don’t see the US team yet, but here they come. The Aussies come to the platform first, in their green robes. The crowd is loud; Team USA players in their red and black robes are on the podium. Introductions. The standard genteel two-clap response.

Australia in the dark caps; Team USA in the white caps.

This is a rematch from last night. In that game USA won. In hindsight, I suppose, the outcome was never in doubt, but it was still a nail-biter for me.

First period.

AUS takes control of the ball at the start. Third possession, AUS almost scores a goal; it would have been an unusual miss by our goalie, but fortunately she stopped it. The US goalie is simply incredible.

USA scores at 5:23 on the tenth possession of the first period.

On the 11th possession, the US steals, but cannot score, though it was a great blocked shot.

The Aussies “score” on the 13th possession but it hits the net just as the 30-second clock runs out. Another US blocked shot on the 15th possession, denies Aussie a goal.

On the 16th possession, USA had a “6-on-5” advantage but couldn’t capitalize. US steals on the 17th possession. US scores, incredibly, at 1:59 on the 18th possession; 2 - 0. It’s almost a replay of last night’s game.

Another huge, defiant blocked-shot by the US on the 19th possession. Time-out by the US with 1:20 to play in the first period; US has the ball with a 30-second clock, 20th possession when the time-out ends.

1:20 to play, first period. The US, again, has a “6-on-5” advantage. A full 30 seconds. Unable.

21st possession, AUS brings it down. The US steals; this must be the third time. 22nd possession: 15 seconds and a strong, hard shot, with 5 seconds to play. 3 - 0. Last night in the game between AUS and USA, the score at the end of the first period: 3 - 0.

Five seconds to go in the first period. Time out, AUS. AUS gets the ball at mid-pool following the US goal. Time runs out.

Second period.

Team USA controls the ball.

1st possession: turnover. 2nd possession, AUS: One-on-one — penalty shot; AUS scores, 3 - 1. The US most likely would have lost that point anyway. Somehow AUS got one-on-one next to the goalie. 3rd possession: turnover. 4th possession, AUS. Has the momentum shifted? AUS with a “6-on-5” advantage. Hard throw and goalie misses: AUS scores, 3 -2.

5th possession, USA. USA needs to settle down. Turnover. 6th possession, AUS: shot-on-goal, hits left upright.

7th possession, USA: Team USA “6-on-5” — shot on goal, bounces off, rebounded by USA. USA with second opportunity and scores at 4:46, 4 - 2.

Eighth possession, AUS: desperate shot. Ninth possession, USA: turnover. Tenth possession, AUS at 3:50. Great interception/turnover by the USA at 3:40. 11th possession, USA: again, “6-on-5.” Failed to capitalize.

12th possession, AUS, time runs out.

13th possession, USA: easy shot but misses high. But clock resets and USA has full 30 seconds. Turnover.

14th possession, AUS: still 4 - 2. Unbelievable. US goalies misses an incredibly easy shot to block. It’s 4 - 3. Last night the first half ended with the US winning, 6 - 0. Completely different today. Another turnover.

16th possession, AUS: is the US goalie off her game? Concerned? A turnover. 17th possession with 1:00 to play. Another turnover, US not doing well.

18th possession with 42 seconds, 28 second on the shot clock and after the timeout AUS will have the ball.

US has the ball, and the timeout, with 16 seconds left to play.

Second half ends with USA barely hanging unto the lead, at 4 - 3.

Third period begins with 8 minutes on the clock.

AUS controls the ball. First possession; steal by USA.

2nd possession, USA, down at this end of the pool. A steal by AUS.

3rd possession. A blocked shot; back to the USA, for the 4th possession. Bad, bad control. AUS on 5th possession: good save. USA on 6th possession. The game seems to have picked up the pace a bit. USA with ”6-on-5” advantage and finally capitalizes at 5:54; 5 - 3.

AUS with 7th possession. Re-groups at mid-pool. Substitute late. Lots of contact. USA aggressive. US takes ball, and 8th possession. Should have been a “reach-over” penalty. No penalty called. 9th possession: AUS: block and save. AUS still with ball and full 30 seconds. Sixth save by the US goalie.

10th possession, USA: again, a major foul on AUS, her second major foul. USA will get penalty shot. No score.

11th possession, AUS. Timeout with 30 seconds on shot clock; 4:06 to play in the third period. A real nail-biter.

AUS scores, 5 - 4, 3:49 to play.

12th possession, USA: AUS takes it away. Long throw and USA takes it away, 14th possession. USA seems befuddled; turnover.

13th possession to AUS. Too much time left in the period. Is USA tired out? Is US goalie tired? Poor USA ball-handling.

14th possession to USA with 2:09 to play in the 3rd period. Again, a bad throw and AUS gets the turnover.

15th possession, AUS: shot wide. USA with 16th possession at 1:14 to play. Down-pool. Back-hand, weak throw. But penalty? Ball back to USA with full 30 seconds. Full strength for both teams. 1:00 minute left; wild shot.

17th possession, AUS: US steals. 18th possession, USA with timeout and 29.83 seconds to play with 28.99 seconds on the shot clock, when game resumes.

USA needs to get last throw and last point. Fails. Weak throw.

End of 3rd quarter, with USA still barely hanging on, 5 - 4.

19 possessions in the 3rd period; 19 possessions in the second period; twenty-three periods in the first period.

Fourth period. This is it. AUS controls the 1st possession.

4th period, 7:36. Great blocked shot. USA with 2nd possession. Lousy ball-handling by the USA.  The ball in the net but 30 seconds had run out. 3rd possession over. 4th possession back to the USA; turnover; another turnover; 6th possession, back to USA with full 30 seconds. USA in typical formation; again a weak throw and a missed goal. Easily blocked. 7th possession over; great block by US goalie. 8th possession, USA: again, typical formation — bad ball handling. Same thing, over and over. Out-front center with poor throw to center in front of goalie. Turnover. Turnover for US. 10th possession for USA and a beautiful soft lob over the head of the AUS goalie at 4:58, making it 6 - 4. This was needed by the USA, but this is way too close for my comfort. I like 17 -2 games, LOL, with the USA on the winning end.

11th possession over after a block by the US goalie. 12th possession, USA: again, poor ball-handling. Turnover. AUS with strong shot. Penalty on USA player #5, first major foul. AUS will shoot penalty shot, scores, 6 -5 at 3:52 to play.

US regroups at mid-pool after the successful penalty shot by the Aussies. 14th possession; USA. Lots of whistles. “6-on-5” advantage for USA. 14 seconds on shot clock. Nope, “5-on-5” with 14 seconds. US with wide shot.

Full strength for both teams. 15th possession, AUS, with 3:15 to play. Great block by the US goalie. 16th possession by USA: Typical set-up by USA; wide shot. Not playing well today; befuddled by AUS.

17th possession, AUS, with 2:26 seconds. Another block. 18th possession, USA, with 2:16 on the clock. Another reach over by AUS. “6-on-5” advantage for USA. Good passing but lousy shot, wide.

19th possession, AUS: it’s still 6 - 5, with 1:06 seconds and a full 30 seconds on the shot clock. AUS will have full 30 seconds after AUS calls a time-out. 1.05.8 with a full seconds on the shot clock and AUS trailing by one.

Strong shot but hits top of goal and bounces back. USA rebounds. 32 seconds on the game clock; it’s keep away with 17 seconds on the shot clock. AUS with ball. USA gets the block, the turnover, and wins 6 - 5. An incredible game. Absolutely incredible. 22 possessions to finish the game.

USA undefeated this tournament beating AUS last night 8 - 5 but barely hanging on for the win today, 6 - 5.

Awards Ceremony

Gold: USA
Silver: Australia
Bronze: China

Top scorer: two individuals tied, Makenzie Fischer form USA and Rowena (I believe) Webster from Australia

Top goalie: Kelsey Wakefield from Australia

MVP: Maggie Steffens from USA (she was one of the crowd favorites, also)
(see also Jessica Steffens, her sister, at wiki)

Maggie Steffens was the FINA Female Water Polo Player of the Year 2014:

Maggie Steffens

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