Monday, September 21, 2015

Halliburton Layoffs In Williston Confirmed -- September 21, 2015; If Massachusetts Nuclear Plant Shuts Down ....

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Reports of layoffs at Halliburton’s Williston office were verified this morning by a company spokeswoman. 
Not unexpected as we go into the winter months along with everything else.

At The Williston Herald now.

Update, September 25, 2015, over at Rigzone:
Houston-based oilfield services provider Halliburton Company will be implementing additional workforce reductions in addition to the 16,000 job cuts already made, according to an emailed statement to Rigzone.
The majority of the cuts will take place in North America – the region hardest hit by market conditions. Additionally, the company plans to “flatten the North America business by eliminating multiple layers of management.”
On Sept. 21, Halliburton announced it would lay off employees in Williston, North Dakota. 
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Iraq's July, 2015, burning of 223,000 b/d of crude oil in power generation hits new record, up 43,000 b/d on month.

Massachusetts nuclear power plant could be shut down. Story at Boston Herald:
The owners of the Pilgrim nuclear power plant in Massachusetts say they may shut it down if multimillion-dollar safety improvements and other reforms required by federal regulators are too expensive.
David Noyes, the plant's director of regulatory and performance improvement, tells The Boston Globe that "no business decision has been made" and the costs of upgrades are being analyzed.
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission downgraded the plant's safety rating earlier this month, and ramped up oversight after the plant shut down automatically during a January blizzard when an electric connection to the grid was interrupted.
The 43-year-old plant in Plymouth is owned by Entergy Corp. It was relicensed in 2012.
The plant could also be shut down by the NRC.
Hillary Has Moved On ... And So Has The Media

It looks like Hillary's e-mail scandal is behind here. If not indicted, she got past "another one." Biden continues to delay, waiting to see if legal action will be brought against Hillary.


The Pope rails against air conditioning as #1 example of wasteful consumerism and unchecked human activity causing global warming .... he wrote the encyclical in his air-conditioned study.

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