Thursday, August 27, 2015

CLR's Corsican Federal Permits

The Corsican Federal permits; section NENE 15-153-93:
  • 31874, 1,561, CLR Corsican Federal 1-15H, t8/16; cum 62K 12/16;
  • 31875, SI/NC, Corsican Federal 2-15H1,
  • 31876, SI/NC, Corsican Federal 3-15H,
  • 31877, SI/NC, Corsican Federal 4-15H2,
  • 31878, SI/NC, Corsican Federal 5-15H,
  • 31879, SI/NC, Corsican Federal 6-15H1,
  • 31880, SI/NC, Corsican Federal 7-15H,
  • 31881, SI/NC, Corsican Federal 8-15H2,
Earlier Posts
See also this earlier post on the Corsican Federal permits. 

From today's daily activity report, August 27, 2015, CLR has eight Corsican Federal permits:
  • the eight CLR permits are Corsican Federal permits; this corrects the error noted earlier when there were duplicate permit numbers (scout ticket permit numbers and duplicated on the GIS map server with different wells)
This is where the pad is likely to be placed (if I read the daily activity report correctly).

My hunch is the eight wells will run to the west under the river, based on:
  • the name of the wells ("Federal")
  • the north-south configuration of the 8-well pad
  • the fact that Oasis "owns" the section to the north, and Whiting "owns" the section to the east

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