Tuesday, March 24, 2015

States WIth Federal Lands Producing Oil Subject To New Fracking Rules -- March 24, 2015

CNBC provides this data:
The state that could be most affected by proposed federal fracking rules is not top U.S. crude producer Texas or booming North Dakota. It's Wyoming
The U.S. government released its first regulations for hydraulic fracturing.
The new guidelines apply only to exploration on federal and Native American land.
Wyoming was home to the most oil- and gas-producing acreage on federal lands in fiscal year 2014. More than 4 million acres were producing oil and gas in the state last year. New Mexico came in second, with 3.7 million million acres, followed by Colorado's 1.5 million acres.
Acres producing oil and gas on federal land (source: Bureau of Land Management, FY 2014):
  • Wyoming: 4,033,994
  • New Mexico, 3,727,864
  • Colorado: 1,478,105
  • Utah: 1,119,366
  • Montana: 766,544
  • North Dakota: 570,645
  • Texas: 162,102
  • Oklahoma: 141,496
  • Arkansas: 121,558
  • Kansas: 109,552
Since 1985, Wyoming has issued the most permits to drill on U.S. government-owned turf by far. It approved 40,360 permits over the last two decades, compared with New Mexico's 28,066 approvals and Utah's 10,957.

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