Monday, July 21, 2014

Delta Airlines Strikes New Deal For Bakken Crude Oil For Its Pennsylvania Refinery; July 21, 2014; New Poll

OMG! Delta Airlines still using jet fuel refined from highly volatile Bakken oil!

AJC is reporting:
Monroe Energy LLC, the subsidiary of Delta that operates its refinery in Trainer, PA, announced Monday that it struck a five-year supply deal with energy logistics firm Bridger LLC.
Bridger will supply 65,000 barrels of domestic crude oil to Delta’s refinery, or about one-third of the crude oil refined by the facility.
The domestic crude oil from the Bakken oil fields in North Dakota costs less than the crude oil shipped to the refinery from overseas, reducing the overall cost of fuel for Delta.
Delta had been working to address the problem of how to transport the Bakken oil to the refinery. Bridger recently invested in $200 million to buy 1,300 new rail cars to add to its fleet, which will be used to transport oil to the Trainer refinery.
Time for a new poll. But first the results of the current poll in which we asked residents of Dickinson where they would like to live:
  • 0% want to live in Dickinson for just five more years
  • almost 20% want to live in Dickinson for the rest of their lives
  • almost 20% want to move to Williston, the heart of the Bakken
  • very few, only 6% want to move to Tioga, the oil capital of North Dakota
  • no one wants to move to Rugby, the geographical center of North America
  • slightly more than 20% want to move to Bismarck, the state capital
  • more than a third would like to move to Fargo, where there are a lot of big-box stores, if they could.
So, more than 50% of Dickinson folks would like to move to Bismarck or Fargo, if they could.

Even as many as 20% of folks currently living in Dickinson would consider moving to Williston if they could.

So, now on to the next poll.

Would you fly on any airline that admits to using jet fuel refined from highly volatile Bakken crude oil? Yes (as long as smoking was not allowed on the aircraft) or no. Pretty simple.

A big "thanks" to a reader for sending me the link to the article. It's a great article, by the way.

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