Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Quick! Open-Book Test

In a Rigzone story yesterday, it was stated:
Estimates of how big Turkey's shale gas reserves are vary wildly.
One energy official said data from some international bodies suggested Turkey could have a massive 20 trillion cubic metres (cbm) of total reserves. Another industry expert said proven reserves so far stood at just 6-7 billion cbm.
Let's say, for argument's sake, Turkey has a "massive 20 trillion cubic metres of total natural reserves."

How much does the US have?

According to the article:
That compares with U.S. Energy Intelligence Administration's (EIA) assessment of 7,299 trillion cubic feet of estimated shale gas reserves in the United States, among the world's top producers of the commodity.
I have no idea why the writer switched from "cubic metres" to "cubic feet" in midstream -- yes, I know Turkey uses metric system and the US uses some other system -- but one would think ....

Anyway, I digress. The 7,299 trillion cubic feet converts to 207 trillion cubic meters


  1. it is because the writer used EIA numbers, and lacked the basic math skills to convert cubic ft to cubic meters. don

    1. That was my thought, also, although for a moment there, I thought the US had 7,299 trillion cubic METERS compared to Turkey's "massive 20." LOL.