Wednesday, February 12, 2014

From The Williston Wire; Global Warming To Hit The Northeast With What Could Be The Biggest Storm Of The Season

The District Engineer, U.S. Army Engineer District, Omaha, Nebraska is evaluating a Department of the Army permit application from the North Dakota Department of Transportation for a new 4-lane permanent Williston NW Bypass of US Highway 2 /US Highway 85.

Progress is being made for Sidney to have three new 12-plex housing buildings under the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program. The Sunset Village housing project is co-sponsored by the Richland County Housing Authority and Mountain Plains Equity Group of Billings.
Paul Groshart, executive director for Richland Housing, visited with Richland County commissioners about the project Wednesday morning. Housing Tax Credits will cover $4.3 million of the project's costs.

Global Warming To Hit The Northeast This Week

Brutal winter intensifies.

Philadelphia snowfall breaks 130-year-old record

Nor'easter could be the biggest storm of the season, snow has started falling:
The mid-Atlantic region is bracing for what could be the biggest snow storm to hit the area in four years.
As much as a foot of snow is expected to fall between Wednesday night and Thursday afternoon with higher accumulations north and west of the District.
“This could be the biggest storm of the season,” Channel 9 meteorologist Topper Shutt says.
Snow started falling around 7 p.m. for much of the region.
New York City could get 14 inches (snow day? snow week?):
As much as 14 inches of snow could hit New York City and the surrounding area tonight, as the storm that has gridlocked the Southeast is coming north.
AccuWeather Meteorologist Tom Kines said the snow will begin to fall around midnight and last through most of Thursday. The latest National Weather Service forecast map shows that the city will likely get anywhere between 10 and 14 inches, depending on whether the precipitation changes over to rain during the day.
Amtrak suspending some routes.
Amtrak is suspending some trains as a winter storm threatens the South and the Northeast.
Amtrak says the suspensions Wednesday are meant to reduce the exposure of passengers, crews and equipment to extreme weather.
The suspensions include trains between New York and several destinations in the South and the auto train between Washington's northern Virginia suburbs and Orlando, Fla. Amtrak says other services, including the Northeast Corridor, are scheduled to operate.

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