Thursday, November 21, 2013

Was Delta Airlines An Energy Play?

Shares triple in past year.

Dots to connect:
  • George Soros buys stake in Delta Airlines
  • Delta Airlines buys refinery
  • refinery buys $71 Bakken oil; WTI at $94
Yes, I know: prices of oil I use are "suspect."

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Years ago there was an article in Forbes or some other magazine that correctly identified Southwest Airlines as an "energy play," and not an "airline play." History repeats itself.

Speaking of Southwest Airlines, according to Bloomberg Businessweek, page 126 of the current "special edition," there are only four national airlines, and the regionals (most of which are linked with the Big 4: United, Delta, American-US Airways, and Southwest. And of those four, only three have intercontinental flights.

On the lucrative intercontinental flights, US consumers have only three US carriers to choose from. After that it's Singapore Airlines, Turkish Airlines, etc. Speaking of which, whatever happened to KLM-Northwest? Northwest was absorbed by Delta back in 2008 to become the largest airline at the time.

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