Saturday, May 4, 2013

Random Look At Interesting 640-Acre Spacing Of Three Fidelity Wells

I never get tired of looking at the NDIC GIS map server. For example, three Fidelity wells on 640-acre spacing:

This is in section 36 of T153-R92, in the Sanish, about a mile or so north of the reservation.

This one caught my eye because my hunch is we will start seeing more multiple wells on one-section spacing. There are plans to put at least 6 wells on some 640-acre spacing units in the better Bakken. In the May docket later this month there will be a request to place 8 wells in one section (640 acres), effectively about 80 acre-spacing, I suppose.

At one time, a lot was made about the direction that horizontals would be drilled. As can be seen here, that may not be all that important. One can also see the significant difference in lengths of the various horizontals and the setbacks from the section lines which explains why 1280-, and 2560-acre spacing would eliminate some of this waste.
  • 16833, 1,009, Fidelity, Annala 11-26H, Sanish, t4/08; cum 158K 3/13;
  • 21166, 244, Fidelity, Urho 11-36H, Sanish, t2/12; cum 68K 3/13;
  • 21212, 524, Fidelity, Blessing 11-36H, Sanish, t4/12; cum 51K 3/13; 
Looking at the three horizontal wells on this one section, can you imagine 8 horizontals? Obviously they will be in at least two, if not three formations (middle Bakken, TF1, and, maybe TF2).

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