Monday, May 20, 2013


This has nothing to do with the Bakken. It is political in nature. Ignore it. It will disappear shortly but will be linked at "The Journal."

It has been noted that not one Obama scandal was "broken" by mainstream media. The internet and conservative talk radio/television reported the stories first.  And my hunch is that the administration will "win" simply because the mainstream media will fail to report it -- just as the Afghanistan war has become the forgotten war. June 6, 2013.

The "S" in scandal is starting to look like the "S" in sleaze, especially with the news of May 30, 2013.

Some famous quotes. We've come a long way:
  • I cannot tell a lie. I chopped down that cherry tree.
  • I am not a crook.
  • I did not have sexual relations with that woman.
  • I'm the decider.
  • I am not Dick Cheney. 

The Obama Scandal Bucket

Swamped in controversies, President Obama and his slow-footed team are essentially telling the American public, “We’re not crooked. We’re just incompetent.
The IRS targeting conservatives, the Justice Department snooping at The Associated Press, the State Department injecting politics into Benghazi, the military covering up sexual assaults, and the Department of Veterans Affairs leaving heroes in health care limbo – each of these so-called scandals share two traits.
1. Lying. 2. Disconnected from the American public.
Actually: the administration is both crooked and incompetent.

Obama taps German chancellor's mobile phone, October 23, 2013.

FBI and NSA in cahoots. Covering for each other. And covering for President O'Bama.  Admit as much after a hot mic caught FBI and NSA spokesmen ready to celebrate a beer after a friendly Congressional hearing. June 19, 2013.

NSA admits that it did listen in on telephone conversations without warrants; it appears they also read e-mail without warrants. -- June 16, 2013

The president has directed that mosques in American are off limits to NSA spying, June 13, 2013.
James Clapper, the director of national intelligence, admits to lying under oath when testifying before Congress.
James Clapper has now admitted he gave the "least untruthful" [untruthful = lie] answer to a direct question in March about the extent of surveillance on US citizens.

The Commander-in-Chief Scandal

POTUS movements are compulsively logged; we know precisely where he was the night he slept through the 3:00 a.m. call. -- Won't say where he was on night of Benghazi debacle.
Key figures starting to admit mistakes

The First Amendment Scandal

Targeted Fox News reporter. Turns out Holder authorized the snooping. President Obama furious: has directed that Holder investigate Holder. -- May 23, 2013
The national security threat the White House wanted to stop? Fast and Furious in 2011. It looks like "Fast and Furious" was Obama's Watergate.
Attorney General Holder went "judge-shopping" to get subpoena. Holder starting to feel remorseful.  -- May 28, 2013
The questions are: Is attorney general above the law? Did he commit perjury? Will the president throw him under the bus? -- May 29, 2013

The 5th Amendment: List Of Those "Taking The Fifth"

The 16th Amendment Scandal

The "S" in IRS: scandal.
You really think the IRS scandal is being investigated? LOL. The FBI director doesn't even know who is leading that investigation. -- June 13, 2013
Obama's counsel was told of IRS weeks ago. -- WSJ
Big government loses control. -- WSJ, op-ed.
Former IRScandal commissioner: "I know nothing."
The stonewalling begins: a top IRScandal official "takes the fifth amendment."
The internal investigation was completed 6 months before the election. Everybody knew.
Lois "learn as I go along" Lerner takes the fifth amendment, "because I didn't do anything wrong."
Special prosecutor: inevitable. Lois "learn as I go along" Lerner replaced one day later; heads starting to roll; thrown under the bus.
Washington launches four separate investigations into the IRS. None will result in anything, but nice political theater.
Of all cabinet members, the IRS commissioner (not even a cabinet member), visited the White House the most.  -- May 30, 2013

HH$ Collusion

The "S" in Sebelius: Scandal
Seeking funding from a non-profit organization that she regulates
Enroll America is intended to serve as the private sector flagship for a massive public outreach campaign intended to get millions of uninsured Americans to sign up for subsidized insurance coverage through new online marketplaces, or exchanges, that will begin open enrollment on October 1.
The regulators now become the lobbyists. Sibelius now admits she lobbied the companies she was regulating, to support ObamaCare. -- NY Times, June 4, 2013.

Political EnemieScandal List

Gibson Guitar raid.

Presidential Lying

For years, denied spying on Americans. Now, he admits it was a "critical tool." NSA spying on Americans.

Hillary's Department of Sexual Assaults

CBS News is reporting ... a new scandal. June 10, 2013. I don't know about you, but I'm starting to get tired of this administration. 


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