Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Earlier this evening, "anon 1" sent a link, through a comment, to archived IPAA presentations. The number of presentations is, of course, overwhelming, but "anon 1" made it easier by suggesting to start with a certain presentation: Karen Harbert's, which is in the group of January 21, 2013, presentations.

Every slide is a "keeper" but this one certainly caught my eye:

There are an endless number of story lines, just from this one slide.

One could easily come up with a "negative" story line.

On the other hand, this is a "positive" story line: America's century of energy is just beginning.

At the presentation, there's a similar slide with all the on-shore/continental shale plays in North America (minus a few new ones).


  1. Mine is: Compare Chukchi Sea to each of:

    *East and West Coast offshore combined

    *East and West GOM combined

    The next time Sarah Palin talks about the importance of the Chukchi Sea, think about this. (As Governor, she testified at a hearing held by Obama's Interior's Secretary, and it still waits for wells. Shell has spent billions trying to drill.) And maybe we will see the reason for the opposition - "no not oil and gas, lets talk about air.")


  2. As usual, they shrunk Alaska to fit. It is much bigger.

    anon 1

    1. I also liked the first comment: just because it's blue/open, doesn't mean it's really "open."