Monday, November 14, 2011

Nice Well In Williston, The Heart of the Bakken, North Dakota, USA

20282, 2,671, BEXP, Williston Airport 2-11 1H, Bakken.

The well is just inside city limits on the north side, about a half mile west of Million Dollar Way. Hooah!

The long lateral parallels Million Dollar Way about one half mile west, and runs south toward the center of the west side of Williston, ending just before the bypass, right under the airport, just short of 26th Street.

Wow, that's the second nice well inside city limits (at least the second one; there could be more). Last night I reported on this one, on the south side of the city:
  • 18311, 2,769, BEXP, Williston 25-36 1H, Catwalk, Bakken, cumulative 161,000 bbls; yup -- still producing 5,000 bbls/month and flaring all natural gas. Amazing. Two years of flaring. Price-wise, not worth capturing the natural gas, but it is interesting. This well has already paid for itself and will probably produce for 50 years, and ultimate production will probably exceed 1.2 million bbls of oil

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