Monday, October 24, 2011

Industrial Parks -- Williston, North Dakota -- The Bakken

Highway 1804 heading east out of Williston
  • Lined with oil service companies
  • Halliburton, Sanjel, and Schlumberger all have operations at the far east end
  • Major truck route heading out of town
2nd Street West, heading west out of Williston
  • A few oil service companies; major truck route heading out of Williston
  • MDU
  • New Oasis well being drilled on south side of the highway, south of the frontage road, just across the tracks.
Highway 2 & 85, Million Dollar Way, north end of town
  • Lined with oil service companies
  • To the west and to the east, several blocks deep, more oil service companies
Highway 2 & 85, about two miles north of Williston
  • Target Logistics man-camp
  • New Sun Energy complex
Highway 2 & 85, four miles north of Williston, Epping turn-off, terminus of proposed Truck Reliever Route
  • Granite Peak development, truck stop, Bakken Industrial Park
Highway 2 & 85, five miles north of Williston
  • Missouri Ridge Commercial Center -- new
West of Million Dollar Way, about three miles
Highway 2 & 85, west of town
  • Along the four-lane divided highway, numerous oil service companies
  • Numerous farm implement dealers
  • Schlumberger along the highway, north side, about halfway between length of this stretch
  • McCody Cement at far west end, at four-mile corner
  • Plains All American: just west of the weigh scale near Pioneer Drilling
  • SemCrude: across the four-lane highway from Schlumberger
North of Highway 2 & 85 west of Williston: at least three industrial parks, depending on how you count them
1) Industrial park just north of the highway, and well east of the four-mile corner
  • Scores of oil service companies, including BHI SuperSite, new Schlumberger complex
  • Cudd
  • EnerMAX; formerly S&S Sales
  • Stateline Services
  • Hexom
2) Industrial park a bit farther north of the highway, north of four-mile corner; along the terminus of the south end of the Truck Reliever Route -- huge, perhaps 640 acres, certainly 320 acres; just going up now; video below
  • Oil service facilities going up, but not yet identified
3) Proposed Truck Reliever Route, north of highway 2 west, about one mile west of four-mile corner, and heading north
  • Nabors, has been here for a long time
  • Most of the oil service companies are on the west side
The ONEOK natural gas processing and gathering facilities (3 sites) west of Williston. My hunch is these will turn into their own industrial parks.

The video below is of the new industrial park identified as #2 above, north of the 4-mile corner. Turn down the volume so you don't hear all the wind.

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  1. I have a building, new, for lease in the well established industrial park, 10 the street east, by the coco cola building. Could I list it on your site with my contact information? Patti 775-842-7261.

    1. Absolutely.

      It's posted here. I will also post it as a stand-alone so more folks see it.

      I am trying to figure out where/how to do "classified ads" for folks.