Thursday, June 17, 2021

Breaking News -- New Investment Vehicle Introduced Following Jay Powell's Remarks Yesterday -- June 17, 2021

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Birch-coin may not be suitable for all accounts.

Birch-coins can be expensive but can be bought in smaller denominations:

  • chips -- one-half of standard coin;
  • slivers -- 1/1024rth of a standard coin; and,
  • dust -- one-one-millionth of a standard coin.

The last option is often referred to as "saw-dust," as in "I saw dust but thought it was just gold so I ignored it. I was looking for birch-coin."

In addition to demand, supply is likely to be severely limited due to the fact that the spotted owl has pretty much decimated the "mining" of birch-coin in the far northwest.

Dot Plots suggest the birch-coin will peak in late 2023, but whether it's a transitory phenomenon or not is still open to question. The Federal Reserve says they will start talking about when they should start talking about possibly purchasing birch-coin assets.

George Soros has already shorted birch-coin.

Bill Gates lost his wood-pile of birch-coin to Melinda.

Jim Cramer says: "Back up the truck."

Jamie Dimon: "Finally, a worthy competitor to e-coin. We're getting out of cash and moving into wood piles."

Joe Biden: "Birch-coin? I like the aroma of wood in the morning but, c'mon man, we had this when I served in W-W-I."

Brian Williams: "Don't get ahead of us now, but we can do the math."

Warren Buffett: "Futures in birch-coin? Count me out."

Hillary: "Here, hold my beer."

It's All Greek To Me

ξύλινο νόμισμα: xýlino nómisma


  1. Your just having too much fun with the birch coin. I suggest that it be made of beech wood, so if the coin becomes worthless, you could use it to flavor beer. Like Budweiser beechwood aged beer.

    On the bitcoin, I prefer having a chunk of gold in my safe deposit box instead of a wallet full of passwords any day.

    1. Yes, yes, and yes.

      Yes, on the beechwood aging.

      Yes, on the bitcoin -- prefer gold.

      And yes, gold in a safe deposit box.