Monday, May 10, 2021

What's The Opposite Of A Black Swan? May 10, 2021

Colonial Pipeline: yesterday I mentioned that this may become Biden's first major test. Some pundits: Biden has a week to get this pipeline open. A week. Apparently the president has declared a "state of emergency" regarding same. And just like that, America's crude oil and natural gas pipelines have become essential and a national asset. Even a caveman could see this. Big winners: truckers. If lasts longer than a month, CBR, although if it lasts that long, "we're" in deep trouble.


  1. A white albatross? Not sure how CBR is setup on East Coast vs Midwest/West, but yeah, truckers for the win

    1. After your note, I added CBR. It would take a bit longer, but if "we" need to go to CBR on the East Coast it would be more than noteworthy.