Sunday, April 4, 2021

Notes From All Over -- April 4, 2021

Latest from Mark Perry: unwed mothers. I don't think it's as simple as Philip Carl Salzman and Mark J Perry are making it out to be. For me, it's either very, very simple, or very, very complicated. I think it's very, very complicated.

Saudis adjust oil prices: link here. For me, background noise; I'm no longer particularly interested in Saudi's tweaking of prices. On another note, there is more and more talk of production gradually being increased. It's a seasonal thing. Not to be taken out of context, but exports are more important to track than total production, unless Saudi starts setting new production records. 

Saudi Arabia: crude oil production, link here.  

Markets, early Sunday evening after a three-day weekend

  • WTI: trading down 40 cents, but still above above $61 at $61.05;
  • Futures:
    • Dow: up 135 points
    • S&P 500: up 14 points (the 10:1 ratio intact)
    • NASDAQ: up 10 points


  1. Unwed mothers? Maybe the problem resides with: