Friday, April 9, 2021

A Trifecta! Equity Markets Hit New Records; DAPL To Stay Open; Amazon 1; Unions, 0 -- April 9, 2021

Links, stories, and comments pending.

I'm off on my bicycle to go to "Total Wine" to buy some champagne. 

But, but, but: the judge can easily overrule the US Army Corps of Engineers; and this judge has closed the DAPL before.  

Prince Phillip: the big story no one has mentioned yet?

  • link here, The Cut, November 19, 2015
  • "The Science of Longtime Couples Who Die Together."
  • most famous example: Johnny Cash / June Carter Cash -- within four months of each other;
  • yet to be seen: Jeffrey Epstein / Ghislaine Maxwell


  • two weeks in a row -- market surges on a Friday afternoon. FOMO.
  • analyst: one has to "outrun inflation" -- the only way -- the US equity markets;
  • at some point, some analyst is going to make the post-WWII analogy;


  • it certainly looks like a breakout;
  • up a couple of dollars yesterday; now, today, up another 2%;
  • a few weeks ago, trading for $119; in trading range below $120 for quite some time;
  • now, in past two days, moves up, trading at $133;

Saudi Aramco: sells 49% stake in pipelines to foreign consortium;

  • if anyone can their head around this one, you are a better investor than I am;
  • seems that Saudi Aramco is simply renting back their own pipelines; I get it, but the "spread" must be minimal; and, if push comes to shove Saudi Arabia can always nationalize the entire system (again);

How big will the post-Covid-19 opening be?

  • attendance at national parks is expected to swell;
  • demand is predicted to be so hot that Phillips 66 is set to reverse the flow of one of its pipelines so it can carry gasoline from Texas into Denver;
  • switch will occur May 1, 2021;
  • President Biden was heard to say: "Neanderthals"
  • when you visit the Grand Canyon this summer, see if you can hear the "Neanderthal" echo

Bloomberg: driving roars back in US, setting up gasoline for a 7-year high; link here;

  • pump prices could reach $3/gallon for first time since 2014
  • send a note to your Congresswoman reminding her that Biden killed the Keystone


  • the poster child for government overreach and "the mask mandate";


  • the New York Times' list of top-10 cities where the outbreak is worse, nine of those cities are in Michigan
  • the poster child for surging Covid-19 and no history of:
    • Sturgis; and,
    • no back-to-school excuse;
  • amid Michigan coronavirus case spike, epidemiology expert Gretchen Whitmer urges suspension of in-person high school classes;
  • she also called all "Michiganders" to avoid dining and gathering indoors;
  • "we all have to step up our game" -- Governor Gretchen Whitmer
  • Michigan is now the national leader in the number of cases of Covid-19 by population despite increasing vaccinations;
  • for those paying attention, it makes absolute sense what is going on; it's not rocket science;
  • or as Milana Vayntrub would say, "it's not complicated"


  1. An old, but appropriate, reminder as you venture forth on that bike...
    I went to the liquor store yesterday on my bicycle, bought a bottle of whisky and put it in the bicycle basket.
    As I was about to leave, I thought to myself that if I fell off the bicycle, the bottle would break. So I drank all the whisky before I cycled home.
    Finally, it turned out to be a very good decision, because I fell off my bicycle seven times on the way home. Imagine what would have happened to the bottle!....
    Wisdom will kill me one day.....

    1. I read that to my wife ... she's still laughing! And she never laughs at my jokes!

  2. Why do you think MI is doing worse than average? Kharma? Lockdowns actually hurt (how)?

    1. Multifactorial. I spent some time last night talking with an individual who is from Michigan, but recently moved to Texas. I would love to post my thoughts, but I would get too much pushback, not politically correct, and I would be getting too far out in front of my headlights. The New York Times posts very interesting data where the highest clusters of cases are in all states. That will shed some light.