Thursday, February 2, 2017

Market Stories On T+13 -- February 2, 2017

Business news: home page is now Fox Business News. I understand Fox Business now has better ratings than CNBC. Building a political base one viewer at a time.

WTI: flirting with holding steady at $54.

Jobs: first time jobless claims fall to 246,000. Plunged 14,000, much farther than forecast. The Trump excitement continues! Forecast: claims would fall to 251,000.  Claims in the previous week were revised up to 260,000 from 259,000 (inconsequential). The enthusiasm continues. It will take a week or so for the new numbers to impact the four-week average. The four-week average rose by 2,250 to 248,000.

Gasoline demand: something unsettling occurring just off the radar scope. Graphics below the "fold."

Propane: the new coal:

EPA nominee "confirmed" by Senate committee.

COP increases its dividend. Still reporting a loss but significantly beating estimates.

Apple Watch: Swatch is toast.  Omega slashes dividend but "hopes" for a more positive 2017. Apple Watch. Fitbit. Swatch. Apple Watch dominated holiday season with estimated 5.2 million shipments: by far the most popular smartwatch this past holiday season. Worldwide: Apple captured an estimated 63% of the market.

iPhone: Apple is now "taking 100% of all smart phone profits."

Buffett's apple: $348 million -- so far, and counting. But to be fair, Buffett missed Apple decades ago. Icahn, too: missed this one.

Gasoline Demand -- A Most Under-Reported Story

Comments later; two graphics:

Another reader is also stymied, noting:
I first looked at it last night, and couldn't decide what it meant, and have no further conclusions this morning.

Only 4 years of the last 18 years have a 3 week period where it's been so low: 2000, 2007, 2012, and 2014.
Meanwhile, from John Kemp via Twitter, gasoline stocks rising faster than ever:

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