Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Propane Stocks At New Record -- July 15, 2015

At twitter, John Kemp reports (one hour ago), US data:
  • propane stocks rise to new record; distillates and residual fuel oil track normal seasonal levels
  • gasoline stocks broadly unchanged last week and in line with prior-year and 10-year average
  • gasoline consumption rose to almost 9.6 million bopd in last 4 weeks; +588K bopd above 2014, and +350K bopd over 10-year average
  • refinery runs hit a record 16.8 million bopd last week; +1.2 million bopd above the 10-year average
  • crude oil stocks fell 4.3 million bbls last week, resuming downtrend
I'm still betting the US go overs 10 million bopd in August, 2015.

At twitter, Platts is reporting:
  • Iran unlikely to regain all European market share immediately, as competitors have owned these markets
  • Iran sans crude oil output can rise by 500,000 bopd within one month; exports at 2.5 million bopd within 6 months of sanctions removal
Big loser with US-Iran deal: Saudi Arabia -- not only does Saudi have a new nuclear neighbor, the neighbor is going to get an immediate infusion of billions of dollars, and, oh, by the way, is going to flood the European and Asian market with oil. Saudi has also been told by President Obama that Saudi's security is no longer the responsibility of the US. But other than that, things are going well for Saudi.


At twitter, EIA is reporting:
  • in the Rocky Mountain region, significantly increased crude oil production is being shipped by pipeline; CBR appears fairly stable (flat) year-over-year;  
EIA "energy cookie:
Rail and pipeline shipments of crude oil from the Rocky Mountain region (Petroleum Administration for Defense District 4) have steadily increased as regional crude oil production has increased. The recently released Petroleum Supply Monthly, which contains data for April 2015, shows that 122,000 barrels per day (b/d) of crude oil was moved by rail from PADD 4 to other regions of the country, representing 19% of total crude shipments from the region. --- EIA
Denver Business Journal also had a story on same data.
Pipeline capacity out of the Rocky Mountain region has grown, but oil and gas companies — pressed by time and money — have increasingly turned to shipping the newly pumped crude oil to market by rail.
In raw numbers, the EIA said that in 2010 just 359 barrels per day of oil was shipped by rail out of the Rocky Mountain region — all of it heading for the Gulf Coast, according to the report. The four states in what’s known as “PADD 4” are Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Montana and Idaho.
By April 2015, that number had jumped to 122,000 barrels per day leaving the region by rail, the EIA said.
At twitter, John Kemp reminds us about California's gasoline prices:
  • Angelenos angry, resigned about soaring gasoline prices -- LA Times
  • California gasoline prices at near-record premium to rest of the country (premium in price, not necessarily quality)
  • gasoline becoming very expensive in California -- back to an 11-month hgh of almost $4/gallon; actually  $4/gallon is a great price if you can find it in southern California

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