Wednesday, June 3, 2015

This Is Not An Investment Site; Do Not Make Any Investment Or Financial Decisions Based On Anything You Read Here Or Think You May Have Read Here -- June 3, 2015

After reports that Warren dropped to 3rd place on the world's-richest-people list, let's see how BRK-B is doing: at 144, off its high of 153 some time ago, but up today.

Earlier there was a 24/7 Wall Street article asking whether ATT and Verizon were in trouble. ATT is near its all-time highs, is up today, and is paying ... drum roll ... 5.4%.

After the Intel-Altera announcement, let's see what XLNX is doing: near its all-time high; up a bit today, and paying ... drum roll ... 2.6%. Intel paid a 56% premium for Altera -- pre-announcement price vs buy price.

I don't look at the oil companies right now (with some exceptions, the midstream companies). Waiting until the dust settles.

But MDU is in the news again with its announcement that Fidelity is back on the market. For archival purposes, MDU is trading at $21 -- well down from its 52-week high of $35. Best fit for Fidelity? Whiting. Location, location, location.

So, what else? Jamie Dimon is in the news. I don't follow his banks, but I have followed BK for years because of its interesting niche twenty years ago. It's trading near its 52-week high and paying 1.6%.

I hate to see what the railroads are doing, so won't look.

Enough of this.

A Note to the Granddaughters

Looking forward to the pool this afternoon with our youngest granddaughter who turns one-year-old later this month. We got started a bit late with this one in the pool and it shows. She is timid around water, but I figure one more week with her and she will be comfortable in the pool.

It looks like she will be a bit more like the middle granddaughter (age 8) who took a bit of time getting used to the water. The older granddaughter (age 11) was a tadpole by the age of six months.

From the archives, summer, 2007, Summerville, South Carolina, on our way to the neighborhood swimming pool, about a half-mile walk -- and yes, she walked the half-mile carrying her noodle.

Oldest granddaughter
Summerville, South Carolina

In July, 2007, our oldest granddaughter turned four years of age. And now she's playing championship Texas water polo.

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