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Estimated Ultimate Recovery In The Bakken: As Much As 20 - 40 Per Cent -- Top Geologist, North Dakota -- November 27, 2014

Coincident with being honored with the top API award, Ms Neset has a Q&A in The Bismarck Tribune.
At this time in the exploration phase, it is estimated that approximately 7 percent of the original oil in place is being produced. If this seems low to you, it is. Typical oil fields will produce over 20 percent to over 40 percent of the oil in place. We must remember that the percent of oil produced is a function of several factors, which we will discuss.
Ms Neset does not fall into the trap of providing her estimate of original oil in place (OOIP) in the Bakken. At one time, Harold Hamm has suggested a trillion-barrel reservoir (rounded; his CLR slide presentation actually said 903 billion bbls), but since then he has dialed back to 500 billion bbls.

Politics -- ObamaCare

In a different story I saw this but can't find it now, so this link (which I don't like) with regard to Schumer/Hillary will have to do

We have two facts to deal with:
  • it is now clear that Schumer is running Hillary's campaign
  • it is now clear that Schumer is beginning the process to claw-back his (and Hillary's) stance on ObamaCare
Oh, one third fact: Schumer and Hillary can read polls. This should get their attention:
Even my wife, a staunch Obama supporter, agrees that if an old white man who supports ObamaCare tries to get the Democratic nomination for president, he will be sorely trounced.

Ah, yes, here's the article I was looking for, in The Wall Street Journal.  Note the last paragraph:
Mr. Schumer is a leading Democratic ideologist, so perhaps he’s even front-running the Hillary campaign. Republicans should test the limits of his new health-care reform realism in the next two years.
It looks the WSJ writer is a bit slow off the mark if the above linked story is accurate about Schumer running Hillary's campaign.

There are two completely different story lines to follow now:
  • the future of ObamaCare
  • the future Democratic presidential nominee
I think the writing is on the wall for ObamaCare. It will wither on the vine; the House and Senate will keep the good parts (which are few but very, very easy to keep); the best thing the GOP can do now, is let the Dems sort this out.

It's the second story that is more interesting.

I took a small poll this morning. I surveyed one individual. The results: 100% of those polled agree that if an old white man who supports ObamaCare tries to get the Democratic nomination for president, he will be sorely trounced.

The question is whether an old white women who supports ObamaCare can get the Democratic nomination.

I don't think there's any love lost between Mr Obama and Ms Clinton. She's itching for a fight, and she's adamant that she will be the Democratic nominee.

Right now, after Schumer's speech, Billary must be getting a lot of pressure from her donors, not whether she will run or when she will announce, but on her stance with regard to ObamaCare.

She needs to get ahead of this before a good-looking (male or female), charismatic, respectable orator from the "conservative" wing of her party takes the Schumer bait, pounces, agrees with Schumer, and takes off running. Billary is noted for flip-flopping "late" -- after everyone else has seen the writing on the wall. 

Right now, in the thesaurus I use, the synonyms for ObamaCare are: Obama, Hillary, and Pocahontas. Two of the three will never change; the third has a history of being able to climb out of quicksand.

Updates to the Schumer story, my thesis:
Biden, Hillary distancing themselves from Obama -- Washington Times, November 28, 2014

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