Sunday, August 3, 2014

Random Look At Some KOG P Wood Wells Near North Dakota Lewis And Clark State Park, And The Lewis and Clark Recreation Area -- August 3, 2014

The reader who sent the photo of the eleven (11) pumpers on one pad, also sent a photograph of some of the KOG P Wood wells.

The photographer / reader mentioned that it is difficult to photograph / access the wells because there are security guards at some of the sites. It is unusual for security guards to be placed at well sites, but due to the close proximity to the state park and the recreation area, KOG probably wanted to minimize casual visitors.

This is a google map of the area:

The marker is of:
  • 28409, drl, KOG, P Wood 154-98-4E-26-35-14H, Truax. One can easily locate these wells by pasting latitude and longitude into google maps (the numbers only, e.g., "48.139110, -103.255598, exactly that way, with the comma and the "minus" sign)
  • Note the location of these wells near the entrance to the Lewis and Clark Recreation Area; it must be quite a sight for weekend vacationers to the park
This is the satellite view, in which you can see the pads:

And this is the NDIC GIS map server schematic taken the same day as the screen shots above:

I track the P Wood wells here but have not updated them in quite some time.

I track the Truax oil field here, and I suppose it has not been updated in quite some time, also.

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