Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Has Oasis Broken The Code In Montana With Regard To The Bakken?

Oasis reports some very nice wells in Roosevelt County, Montana:
  • Romo Bro Louise 2759 43-9B, TD of 20,300 feet, with an IP of 1,658.
  • Romo Bro Margaret 2759 43-9B, two laterals with TDs of 10,979 feet and 20,350 feet, with an IP of 1,612. I don't quite understand later with a TD of 10,979. See comments below, regarding the CLR well with two laterals.
  • Romo Bro Ray 2759 43-9B, TD of 20,380 feet, with an IP of 1,209
CLR reports a completed Bakken well in Richland County, Montana:
  • Stoney Butte-Prevost HSU, two laterals with TDs of 12,307 feet and 20,678 feet, with an IP of 273 for the Bakken formation well. The way that is worded suggests the other horizontal is tapping into another formation.  
Going west of Williston, on US Highway 2, just crossing into Montana, Roosevelt County is on the north side of the highway (west of Williams County), and Richland County is on the south side of the highway (west of McKenzie County).

Down in Wibaux County, Montana, an operator will be targeting the Lodgepole Formation. Wibaux County's eastern border is the North Dakota state line, directly west of Dickinson. The well/permit:
  • Rieckhoff 16-1, with a probably total depth of 14,069 feet

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