Monday, July 8, 2013

The Bakken Oil Patch: There Are Still More Places Where Nothing Is Than Something Is -- And That's Likely To Remain True "Forever"

Somehow I missed this great article from The Bismarck Tribune:
If, for example, you are a Wall Street Journal reporter or someone from the BBC, and you fly out from New York or London to Denver and then on a tiny plane to Williston "to make sense of the oil boom," you are going to see a city bursting with energy, enterprise, dust, chaos, congestion, noise, construction and growing pains that make it not a very attractive destination.
But Williston is not the oil boom and the oil boom is not Williston. Williston is one of the choke points of the oil boom.
Wow, that is well said.

I won't post more than that, but I surely hope this article is not archived by the Tribune. This article should remain easily accessible for decades.

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