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The Wahpeton Family Of Wells: Another Look At CLR's Testing The Lower Benches of the Three Forks, Banks Oil Field; Natural Gas Flaring Continues to Decrease (As A Percentage of Production) -- January 27, 2013


November 28, 2017: production data updated; five wells now AB/TA

December 11, 2016: production of these wells updated; see below; five wells now IA/AB/TA

February 9, 2014: screenshot of the Wahpeton Pad, this date.

September 11, 2013: from Mike Filloon --
The most important is the Wahpeton Pad. Continental chose the important location to drill a total of 32 wells from the middle Bakken to the 3rd bench. Since this was the first 160-acre pilot project, it very well could be the best area overall for pad drilling. 
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From a Continental Resources exhibit. Sent in by a reader:

The Wahpeton wells are sited in section 16, and run north to south, ending in section 21. This page is updated periodically.
  • 19450, 322, CLR, Wahpeton 1-16H, Banks, t7/11; cum 227K 2/28;
  • 24843, 1,050, CLR, Wahpeton 6-16H, Banks, t6/14; cum 154K 2/18;
  • 24809, 1,786, CLR, Wahpeton 9-16H, Banks, t5/14; cum 197K 2/18;
  • 24840, 382, CLR, Wahpeton 4-16H1, Banks, t7/14; cum 69K 2/18;
  • 24810, 550, CLR, Wahpeton 8-16H1, Banks, t6/15; cum 121K 2/18;
  • 24807, 354, CLR, Wahpeton 11-16H1, Banks, t6/14; cum 92K 2/18;
  • 24837, 652, CLR, Wahpeton 2-16H2, Banks, t6/14; cum 102K 2/18;
  • 24842, 411, CLR, Wahpeton 5-16H2, Banks, t6/14; cum 57K 2/18;
  • 24808, IAW/AB/IA/366, CLR, Wahpeton 10-16H2, Banks, t6/14; cum 19K 8/15;
  • 24804, IAW/AB/1,031, CLR, Wahpeton 14-16H2, Banks, t5/14; cum 24K 8/15;
  • 24838, TA, CLR, Wahpeton 3-16H3, Banks, no production;
  • 24844, IAW/AB/334, CLR, Wahpeton 7-16H3, Banks, t6/14; cum 23K 5/16;
  • 24806, IAW/AB/1,031 CLR, Wahpeton 12-16H3, Banks, t5/14; cum 13K 8/15;
  • 24805, 1,612, CLR, Wahpeton 13-16H3, Banks, t5/14; cum 171K 2/18;

Meanwhile, the "Charlotte" wells sited in either section 22 or 27-152-99, Banks, but all probably drilling 22/15-152-99:
  • 19918, 496, Charlotte 1-22H, middle Bakken, SWSE 22-152-99; Banks, 30 stages; 2.5 million lbs; t6/11; cum 325K 2/18; total depth: 21,090 feet;
  • 23664, 657, Charlotte 3-22H, Banks, TF1, SESE 22-152N-99W, t11/12; cum 163K 2/18;
  • 21128, 692, Charlotte 2-22H, Banks, TF2, SWSW 22-152-99; 30 stages; 2.3 million lbs; t10/11; cum 219K 2/18; total depth: 21,358 feet;
  • 23612, 673, Charlotte 4-22H, TF3, 4 secs, Banks, [Update: see press release, December 3, 2012], t7/13; cum 144K 2/18;
  • 23608, 1,303, Charlotte 5-22H, Banks, ?TF4, 4 secs; t6/13; cum 220K 2/18;
  • 23664, 657, CLR, Charlotte 3-22H, Banks, t11/12; cum 163K 2/18;
So, unless I'm misreading the GIS map server and/or the permits, it appears the Wahpeton wells will be parallel to the Charlotte wells, in adjoining sections (spacing units). But the Wahpeton wells will be running north-to-south; and the Charlotte wells will be running south-to-north.

By the way, look at #23664, Charlotte 3-22H, still confidential, but production runs for first month:

DateOil RunsMCF Sold

What do you notice?  Yes, it was hooked up to a natural gas pipeline almost immediately. As the well density increases, the natural gas flaring will take care of itself. Already we are starting to see this happen on a larger scale. In the most recent Director's Cut:
Additions to gathering and processing capacity are helping with the percentage of gas flared dropping to 29%. The historical high was 36% in September 2011.
With more wells/month being drilled; more production/well; to see a downward trend this early in the boom speaks volumes about a non-issue.


And, then, of course, to the east, in the next spacing unit to the east are the very good Chicago/Syracuse wells.

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