Sunday, October 11, 2020

So Much Fake News I Honestly Don't Know What's Going On -- Hospital Beds In North Dakota -- October 11, 2020

Several links:

  • from the blog: ND hospitals nearing capacity due to Covid-19; September 28, 2020;
  • from a television news story, so incredibly superficial: Bismarck hospitals clarify New York Times article; October 8, 2020;
  • Fargo Inforum: North Dakota has just 22 intensive care beds available as hospital admissions surge, September 29, 2020;
  • CNBC: US reports uptick in daily coronavirus as outbreaks surge in Great Plains, October 8, 2020;  look at the original ULR:
  • Google: ND hospital bed shortage, October 10, 2020;

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