Monday, January 13, 2020

New National Poll Released Earlier Today -- Quinnipiac -- January 13, 2020

Link here.

I haven't looked at it but the Quinnipiac is much more credible than the Economist poll, the previous poll.

Now, we'll look at the new polls.

Quinnipiac, 1/8 - 1/12 (2020), national:
  • Biden still in the "20s", but for the front-runner, pretty lousy numbers: 25% nationally;
  • Sanders: 19%; pretty much unchanged from where he's been all along
  • Warren: 16%; she remains interesting only because she is still in third place, but 16% is pretty much "done"; at a brokered convention, she will release her delegates to support Sanders, with a quid pro quo for her support
  • The rest are all irrelevant, but for the record:
    • Buttigieg: 8%; for all the press he gets, he hasn't moved a bit in the polls
    • Bloomberg: 6% - about where he was in the Harris poll in late December; his comments in the past 48 hours already suggest he is ready to concede that he's not going to get the nomination;
    • Klobuchar, a legend in her own mind, 4% and will be stuck in the US Senate when Articles of Impeachment come up;
    • Steyer: 1%; which is better than 0%;
Also, a new Iowa poll since the very liberal DMR/CNN poll, the Monmouth poll, 1/9 - 1/12 (2020):
  • Biden at 24% and should improve when his competition is listening to Articles of Impeachment up in the US Senate starting next week;
  • Sanders (18%), Buttigieg (17%) and Pocahontas (15%) all in a statistical tie for second place;
  • Klobuchar, a legend in her own mind, at 8%;
  • Steyer, 4% -- this speaks volumes about how the Iowa caucuses work;
And a new New Hampshire poll, the Boston Herald, 1/8 - 1/12 (2020):
  • Biden (26%) and Sanders (22%) pretty much tied;
  • Pocahontas: 18% in her own region; she's not going anywhere;
  • Klobuchar, a legend in her own own mind, at 2% tied with Steyer 
  • Buttigieg? Almost forget: 7% 
At some point we'll talk about delegates and that will take us to Super Tuesday, and California. An old poll, but the most recent poll:
  • Pocahontas (23%) and Sanders (26%) combined, out-poll Biden by 49% to 19%
  • again, that suggests to me that Pocahontas will throw her support to Sanders on the second vote
More Politics

I'm getting a kick out of watching Nancy Pelosi defend her decision to delay the Articles of Impeachment.

Had this been a Republican speaker of the house, the mainstream media would have skewered the Republican. But this being Pelosi and a Democrat, the mainstream media buys into her explanations.

She didn't gain a thing. Worse, with all that happened in the couple of weeks, the Articles of Impeachment seem really, really weak and irrelevant.

But Nancy's correct: Trump will go down in history as an impeached president and no one can ever take that away from him. LOL.

A reader opined, and others have said the same thing, she did this to "help" Biden. At first I agreed, but on further reflection, I don't think Pelosi is that smart. But it will be interesting to watch. Senators Biden, Sanders, and Klobuchar, a legend in her own mind, will hope for a quick acquittal so they can get back to campaigning.

Regardless, world events have certainly altered things. Since this whole thing began a few months ago, Trump has simply gotten stronger:
  • the economy remains on a tear; getting better if anything
  • the market remains on a tear; all-time records for major indices
  • China - US relations seem much better than six months ago
  • takes out the world's #1 terrorist
  • mainstream media immediately tried to sow seeds of doubt in American public regarding timing, legality
  • then: Iran shoots down a commercial airliner; lies about it; and then finally admits it
  • all of a sudden, the #1 global terrorist becomes the face of the mullahs, and Trump gets a twofer


  1. Yang media blackout, now Yang blog blackout. ;)

    1. For the record: in the Hill poll released today, Yang is polling 2% nationally. In the most recent Iowa poll, 3%. New Hampshire, 2%. California, 4%; and, Massachusetts, 1%.