Friday, October 11, 2019

Global Warming Slams North Dakota, Colorado; Market Surging? Oil Up A Bit -- What's Not To Like? -- October 11, 2019

Global warming hits the US. St Greta prays for Boulder, CO; and, Bismarck, ND. In all the years I grew up in North Dakota (I was born in Bismarck), I do not recall one time when snow closed Bismarck in early October. We'll get back to this.

Market. wow.

AAPL: may have hit price-point for movers and shakers to recommend buying; but still cautious. The first "price point" to buy was $219; then it was moved to $225. I see AAPL futures are now solidly over $132. One assumes the new price-point before recommendation to buy will be moved to $135 or maybe $140. Memo to self: call financial advisor.

California on fire: wildfires and forest fires now being caused by generators folks have installed because utility companies shutting off power. Largest first in past 24 hours due to garbage truck dumping hot trash that sparked fire.

WTI: nice jump in price.

Oil demand: up; new record set.

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Back to the Bakken

Williston Basin International Airport off to a great start. International. As was Sloulin International Airport.

Only one well coming off the confidential list today -- Friday, October 11, 2019: 31 for the month; 31 for the quarter:
  • 35713, 1,450, WPX, Nancy Dancing Bull 1-36HQL, Mandaree, t7/19; cum 28K 8/19;
Active Rigs:

Active Rigs5668593368

RBN Energy: update on Cushing-related pipelines. Probably one that needs to be archived.
Crude oil inventory levels aren’t the only thing in a constant state of flux at the crude storage hub in Cushing, OK. 
A year ago, we blogged extensively about Cushing’s major players, storage assets and incoming and outgoing pipelines, as well as plans for new pipes that highlight the hub’s continued significance, even in an increasingly Permian- and Gulf Coast-focused energy sector. 
A lot has changed since then, though. Some pipeline projects into and out of Cushing have advanced to final investment decisions (FIDs), while others have floundered or foundered. Also, brand-new pipeline projects have been announced, as was a big acquisition that will make Energy Transfer a major player in Cushing storage. Today, we begin a short series on recent developments at the Oklahoma oil hub and how they reflect changes in the ever-evolving U.S. energy markets.

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