Tuesday, October 23, 2018

EOG And Petroshale (?) Look To Put "Multiple Wells" On Two 640-Acre Units In Spotted Horn -- October 23, 2018

From the November, 2018, hearing dockets:
  • Case (not permit) 27091, EOG, Spotted Horn-bakken; establish two 640-acre units; "multiple wells" on each 640-acre unit; the units: W/2 of sections 30/31 and E/2 of section s30/31-150-94; McKenzie
Proposed unit:

Existing wells:
  • 17197, 284, Petroshale, Chase 21-30H, Spotted Horn, t11/08; cum 75K 8/18; lousy well; May 24, 2018 -- Petroshale acquired this well from QEP; QEP acquired this well from Tracker Resource, in October, 2016; Tracker acquired the well from Sundance Energy, February, 2014; drilled by Sundance; permitted by Sundance Energy Indiana, Inc, 2008; talk about an unloved well; and now it's a stripper.
  • 35269, conf, Petroshale, Bear Chase 1MBH, Spotted Horn,
  • 35270 (rig on site/conf), Petroshale, Bear Chase 1TFH, Spotted Horn,
  • 35271, conf, Petroshale, Bear Chase 2MBH, Spotted Horn,

  • 19341, 645, EOG, Bear Den 05-31H, Spotted Horn, t10/11; cum 181K 8/18; short lateral;
  • note: 13 permits PNC'd near #19341

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