Friday, June 2, 2017

From The June, 2017, Hearing Dockets -- BR To Place 16 Wells In One Drilling Unit -- June 2, 2017

Interesting case in June, 2017, hearing dockets. NOTE: this is a "case" -- not permits. This may or may not occur for months, years, or even "ever."
  • Case 25857, BR, Westberg-Bakken, 16 wells on a 2560-acre unit, sections 2/11/14/23-152-97, McKenzie.

Only two wells in these four sections at the moment:
19750, 2,338, BR, Devils Backbone 21-14H, Westberg, t4/11; cum 258K 4/17;
22598, 444, CLR, Randolph 1-2H, Westberg, t6/12; cum 365K 4/17;

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