Friday, May 12, 2017

Random Note On Production Jump In Sand Creek Oil Field -- March, 2017

Operators can now manage individual wells from corporate operational headquarters / regional offices. It is always an interesting exercise to look for some examples. First, go to this post: production in top Bakken oil fields, March, 2017, data, and look at Sand Creek oil field, #12 on the list.

In February, 2017, there were 94 wells actively producing oil, and in February, 2017, those 94 wells produced 410,944 bbls of oil.

One month later, in March, 2017, there were still 94 wells actively producing oil, and in March, 2017, those same 94 wells produced 534,342 bbls of oil, an increase of almost 40% month-over-month.

Sand Creek oil field is tracked here. It needs to be updated, but one can quickly scroll through the permits and see which operator(s) control this field. I don't find it surprising that production jumped almost 40%.

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