Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Shale Revolution, Part 2 -- March 14, 2017

It took a bit of doing, but I found the original links for this two-part article. A reader -- thank you, very much, alerted me to Part 2, but Part 1 is just as important.

So, here is the original link, with links to Part 1 and Part 2, which, I believe, will download as PDFs in both cases.

Part 1 was discussed at this post. Part 1 has to do with the technology and the shale revolution.

Part 2, in this post, has to do with how the shale revolution is changing global geo-politics. This second part is titled: Shale is reshaping the world: three new wars.
  • Russia vs Europe
  • Iran vs Saudi Arabia
  • an Asian tanker war
When I look at just this much of this interview I think immediately: politicians like Angela Merkel and Ted Cruz won't understand it. Business men like Rex Tillerson and Donald Trump will understand it. Ideologues like Barack Obama and Al Gore won't understand it, but worse, they both bet on the wrong horse. Even if one doesn't understand horse-racing one can still get lucky and win a big race (my wife has proven that); but in Al Gore's case, and in Barack Obama's case, they bet on the wrong horse.

Both Part 1 and Part 2 have been archived.

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