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Oasis Ceynar Update; Claystone and Shale -- March 20, 2017


May 10, 2017: the geologist's report is finally posted. #32801 is a first bench well.

March 21, 2017: in the update immediately below, the reader says the original Patsy well just to the south of the Ceynar 11T is a Second Bench producer. If I am correct, the reader is talking about #20689. It took a lot of "digging" at the file report to find it, but yes, that's accurate, the target was the second bench for this well:
  • 20689, Oasis/Zenergy, 1,202, Patsy 5-8HTF, Siverston, 25 stages, 2.8 million lbs , t11/12; cum 148K 1/17;
I've talked about the "history" of the middle Bakken/Three Forks first bench/Three Forks deeper benches, but I won't repeat that here.

March 21, 2017: a question was raised whether #32801 was a first or second bench well. I think you can skip the entire original post. A reader clears it up (a big "thank you"to the reader):

The Ceynar 11T is a First Bench Three Forks well.  The claystone (shale) marks the bottom of the First Bench. The top of the target zone is 11,291 ft.  If it were a Second Bench, the horizontal leg would be drilled at about 11,340 ft TVD.
By the way, the original Patsy well just to the south of the Ceynar 11T is a Second Bench producer. 
The Patsy was drilled by Zenergy and it now owned by Oasis.  It’s horizontal leg runs
south through sections 5 and 8. 
Oasis’ naming pattern is as follows:  T (First Bench); T2 (Second); T3 (Third) B (Middle Bakken).
Original Post

Update: on the March 31, 2017, daily activity report, the name of the well for #32801 was corrected (see below; correction has been made; mostly like a first bench Three Forks well)

Over at the "Discussion Group" a reader asked about:
  • 32801, drl, Oasis, Ceynar 5298 43-32 11T, Banks, 
This well should be a Three Forks well. The reader wonders whether this is a second bench Three Forks well. I don't know yet, but still looking. Maybe someone has more information.

The application stated the target was a first bench well, but the name of the well was slightly different in the application:
  • Ceynar 5298 43-32 11T, Banks,
Note: no "T" after the 43-32; now  "T" has been added to the "43-32." I don't recall seeing this nomenclature before. I don't see this "T" on any of the documents in the file report. I suppose it could be a typographical error but I've never seen a typographical error in the legal name of a well on an NDIC scout ticket (I have seen typographical IP errors).

The most recent sundry form received in February, 2017, still shows this as "Ceynar 5298 43-32 11T" and no change in the name. I suppose it's possible the scout ticket with "43-32T" is a typographic error. 

From the planning report, this looks like a second bench well:

By the way, the reader noted a new marker (a new formation/sub-formation) below the target landing: Claystone 1st. I don't recall seeing Claystone 1 before.

Googling "claystone" reveals that this appears to be simply a general name for type of sedimentation that is found between different payzones?

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