Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Making America Great Again -- Nevada Tops The List; Texas #19; The Market And Energy Page, T+67, Part 2 -- March 29, 2017

Exiting Canadian oil sands: Cenovus Energy will acquire COP's 50% interest in Foster Creek Christina Lake partnership, the companies' jointly owned oil sand opererated by CVE, and the majority of COP's Deep Basin conventional assets in Alberta and British Columbia, for $14.1 billion in cash and stock.

The American Dream

From Axios:
First look ... Forbes launches The American Dream Index, using seven indicators of economic health "to track on a state-by-state monthly basis whether President Trump is Making America Great." The debut rankings:
Best off: Nevada, Tennessee, Florida, Arkansas and Georgia.
Worst off: Alaska, Hawaii, Connecticut, Illinois and Kansas.
The big states: Washington ranks 15th, Pennsylvania 16th, Texas 19th, California 26th, Michigan 27th, Wisconsin 29th, Virginia 30th, Maryland 31st, Ohio 32nd, New York 41st and New Jersey 45th.
Montana made the top ten, coming in at #9. North Dakota did not make the top ten.

The Forbes link here.

This Should Move South Dakota Up The "American Dream Index" 
Later: A reader provided the rest of the story.

From Engineering News Record: Otter Tail Power to build 250-MW natural gas power plant in SD. Data points:
  • to be built in eastern South Dakota (near where the DAPL crosses SD); near Astoria, SD
  • along the SD/MN border, about 75 miles north of Sioux Falls, SD -- where the Big Stone "North Dakota lignite-fired" power plant should have been built 10 years ago but Minnesota enviro's killed it.
  • near the intersection of the Northern Border natural gas pipeline and the Big Stone South-to-Brookings 345 KV electric transmission line which I suppose has excess capacity probably pre-built to accomodate the cancelled Big Stone coal fired  plant....maybe to transport canadian hydro the REAL replacement for Hoot Lake?
  • $165 million / 250 MW ($660,000 / MW -- about what we have come to expect)
  • Otter Tail will retire its Hoot Lake coal-fired plant (Minnesota, same area) by 2021
  • Hoot Lake will also be replaced by 150 MW wind farm in southeast North Dakota actually 30 MW net capacity factor  which is just political posturing not a reliable power source....worth-less-than-nothing -- except the tax credits and the political PR
  • the wind farm: $250 million ($1.7 million /MW -- also about what we have come to expect) but the dispatchable power is 20% so the cost is really $8.5 million/MW
  • the wind project will be near the small town of Merricourt, approximately 15 miles south of Edgeley, North Dakota, in McIntosh and Dickey Counties because Minnesota doesn't want this ugly junk that will be left to rot onsite in about 15 years.

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