Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Random Look At A CLR Three Forks Second Bench Short Lateral In Alkali Creek -- January 20, 2016

Disclaimer: I do not have any background or formal training in the oil and gas industry. I may be misreading things in the file report. In a long note, there will be factual and typographical errors. Do not make any decisions based on this information. If this information is important to you, go to the source. 

Did you all notice this?
  • 29669, 962, CLR, Sorenson 6-16H2, Alkali Creek, 4 sections, Three Forks Second Bench, 15 stages, 2.9 million lbs, 8/15; cum 51K 11/15; 
Permit application:
  • a short lateral but four-section spacing: 16/21/28/33-154-94
From the geologist's narrative, some data points:
  • spud: January 19, 2015
  • again, this is referred to as the DevonianThree Forks; we've discussed this several times recently
  • this is a Three Forks second bench well
  • original plan to land approximately 80 feet below the Three Forks formation was later changed to land 64' into the Three Forks -- 22' below the Three Forks Internal 1/B2
  • markers came in at 2 - 10 feet higher than predicted and offset logs:
    • False Bakken: 10,550' TVD
    • Upper Bakken Shale: 10,564' TVD
    • Middle Bakken Member: 10,589' TVD
    • Lower Bakken Shale: 10,650' TVD
    • Three Forks Formation: 10,707' TVD
    • Three Forks Internal 1/B2: 10,749' TVD
  • gases ranged throughout the landing ranged from 147 - 2,341 units
  • in the target zone, gas averaged 599 units and ranged from 109 to 3,590 units
  • connection gasses ranged from 147 units to 3,209 units; trip gases ranged from 207 units to 6,108 units with 10 - 20' gas flare
  • the target zone ascended bout 41 feet throughout the lateral
  • in the target zone 100% of the entire lateral, 4,800 feet
  • out of the target zone: 0% of the time 
Location of this Three Forks second bench well:

For newbies: just prior to the slump in oil prices, operators had pretty much identified, mapped, and "understood" the middle Bakken. They were just getting started on the upper bench, Three Forks, and had made minimal headway in the lower benches. There are only a handful of lower bench Three Forks wells. CLR generally drills long laterals; it is interesting this is a short lateral. At 15 stages, 3 million lbs sand/ceramic, it seems about average for a completion.

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