Sunday, December 6, 2015

Let Me Count The Reasons Why Saudi Can't Win -- December 6, 2015

Just to name a few:
  • the Bakken: perhaps as much as 300,000 bopd being deferred / saved underground
  • the Three Forks: perhaps as much as 200,000 bopd being deferred / saved underground
  • the Permian
  • the Eagle Ford
  • the Niobrara
  • the Cline
  • the Piceance
  • the DJ 
  • Anadarko - Springer
  • the SCOOP
  • the STACK 
  • Uinta
  • the Moab - Paradox
  • the Tyler
  • the Mississippi Limestone
  • the Birdbear
Some others:
Sixteen Reasons, Connie Stevens

Sixteen Reasons, Mulholland Drive, Connie Stevens
And So It Begins

Tweeting now: Nigeria seeks loans to bridge gaps in 2016 oil and gas operations, says junior oil minister Emmanuel Kachikwu.

Venezuela: tick, tick, tick.

White House Sets The Agenda

This is an interesting observation. Some years D-Day anniversaries and Pearl Harbor anniversaries are completely ignored by the mainstream media.Tomorrow is the 74th anniversary of "Pearl Harbor." The 74th is not the 75th or the 50th or the 100th, and yet there is all kind of coverage for the 74th. One has to ask why.

I am convinced that the White House works hand-in-glove with mainstream media to set the agenda for what will be presented to the American public. At a time when President Obama's foreign policy is going sideways, what better way to get Americans' attention elsewhere than to commemorate the US servicemen and servicewomen. My hunch is that the White House -- earlier this year -- let the mainstream media know that the Pearl Harbor anniversary this year would be important to cover.

I don't have cable television. Let me know if MSNBC covers the 74th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. If they do, I know I'm right. If Rachel Maddow covers the 74th anniversary ...

Why Potheads Need To Get Behind AGW

If one wants bigger, better marijuana plants, one wants higher atmospheric CO2. See photograph on  page 677 of the study at this link to see the difference in plant growth based on CO2 concentrations. 

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