Friday, September 26, 2014

Tractor Supply Coming To Dickinson -- September 26, 2014

Comment/Suggestion: the "homeless" problem in the Bakken should be a thing of the past. A state with a warmer climate and a friendlier drug policy is looking for new workers. CBSLocalDenver is reporting that Colorado is now the mecca for homeless. It's a pretty straight shot. Wal-Mart should offer one-way bus tickets at no cost.

Rocky Mountain High, John Denver

Bakken economy: The Dickinson Press is reporting that Tractor Supply is opening a store in Dickinson:
Tractor Supply Company opens Dickinson store Dickinson’s newest business will have its grand opening Saturday. The Tractor Supply Company in West Ridge officially opened its doors last Saturday after almost a year of construction, making it the latest addition to the growing development that already includes Menards, Wells Fargo and the soon-to-come Buffalo Wild Wings.
If this is the first time TSC has been in Dickinson that comes as a real surprise; TSC has been in Williston, like, forever. 
Active rigs:

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RBN Energy: six new North American propylene plants on the way; five in the US, one in Alberta
In Part 1 of their two part series RBN Energy explained how PDH plants transform propane into the more valuable propylene that is a feedstock for downstream petrochemical plants that manufacture a myriad of fibers and plastics.
About two thirds of propylene is used to make polypropylene - one of the best-selling plastics, second only to polyethylene. Propylene demand – tied closely to economic growth – is growing – driven mostly by Chinese economic expansion.
Previously almost exclusively made as a byproduct of olefin stream crackers or oil refinery gasoline cracking processes, greater volumes of propylene will soon be made “on-purpose” because olefin crackers are using lighter feedstocks like ethane that produce less propylene byproduct and refinery output of propylene is falling in the west as gasoline demand stagnates.
On-purpose propylene can be made with a number of feedstocks including coal and biomass, but in the U.S. abundant supplies of natural gas liquids (NGLs) from the boom in “wet”, high-BTU shale gas drilling, make propane the obvious choice. As a result, six new plants are planned in North America in the next five years that use PDH technology and will (if built) produce 9.4 billion pounds of propylene a year by 2019. In this episode we detail these new investments – summarized in the table at the link.
Inquiring Minds Want To Know

Why didn't Apple simply market the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus as really personal -- so personal they conform to one's body shape?

Is Anyone Thinking?

Hungary shuts off natural gas supplies to Ukraine just as winter is coming on. Hey, I know what the Ukraine should do! Ask for help from Russia! Vladimir simply gives the EU just enough rope to hang themselves.

A Note To The Granddaughters

The John Denver video above reminds me of my coming-of-age years. Between my freshman and sophomore years in college, I took the most difficult job I had ever taken -- it was in New Jersey. After perhaps the most grueling summer I ever had, and would ever had, driving back to college in Sioux Falls, this was the first song I heard on the radio:

Country Roads, John Denver


  1. There was a TSC in Dickinson many years ago. I believe it closed in the late 80's if I remember right.

    1. That is sure possible; the 80's were a tough decade with a severe recession. I think oil industry in North Dakota also had some very tough times in the 80's.