Saturday, May 3, 2014

Another Twenty-Two (22) Wells Proposed For Stockyard Creek -- NDIC May, 2014, Hearings

From the NDIC agenda, May, 2014

Case 22445:
Application of Slawson Exploration Co., Inc. for an order authorizing the drilling, completing and producing of a total of eleven wells on each [of two] existing 960-acre spacing unit[s] described as Section 13 and the E/2 of Section 14; and Section 15 and the W/2 of Section 14, T.154N., R.99W., Stockyard Creek-Bakken Pool, Williams County, ND.
The case calls for two 960-acre spacing units (1.5 sections each, or a total of three sections). The sections involved: all of sections 13, 14, and 15 - 154-99 in Stockyard Creek-Bakken.

This is what those three sections look like now:


This is a description of those three sections (13, 14, and 15, running east to west at the time of the screen shot:

In these three sections in Stockyard Creek, there are several completed (A) wells, a few wells on DRL status, and several wells on confidential status.

The various wells were permitted for various spacing units, to include: 640-acre, 960-acre, and 1280-acre. To date, these sections are not part of any overlapping 2580-acre units, but the three sections are part of 1280-acre units; the 960-acre units were awaiting approval/order by NDIC as of May, 2014.

This is the mineral acreage assigned for each well. There are three sections (15, 14, and 13, running west to east). Some horizontals are in one section only; some in two sections; none cross three sections to date.

Format: permit number, status, sections the horizontal runs through (heel-to-toe), acreage per sundry form:

A single well pad:
  • 16481, A, a Madison well, NW15-SE15, 640 acres
A single well pad:
  • 20510, A, a middle Bakken, well, SE15-NW15 (parallels #16481), 640 acres
A 3-well pad:
  • 26019, A, a middle Bakken, NC15-SC14, 1280 acres,
  • 26020, A, a middle Bakken, NC15-SC14, 1280 acres,
  • 26698, A, a middle Bakken, NC15-SC14, 1280 acres,
A single well pad:
  • 27914, conf, sited near the cent of section 14, unknown spacing unit (conf)
Two 2-well pads OR one large 4-well pad, conf, sited north of center, right on line dividing three sections into two 960-acre spacing units
  • 27912, conf, C14-conf, possibly 960 acres,
  • 27911, conf, C14-conf, possibly 960 acres,
  • 28053, conf, C14-conf, possibly 960 acres,
  • 28054, conf, C14-conf, possibly 960 acres,
A single well pad:
  • 18054, A, a middle Bakken, SE14-NW14, 640 acres
A four-well pad (data below needs to be confirmed):
  • 24793, loc, formation?, SE13-NE14, 1280 acres,
  • 24794, drl, a middle Bakken, SE13-14, 1280 acres,
  • 24795, A, a middle Bakken, SE13-NC14, 1280 acres,
  • 24796, drl, a middle Bakken, SE13-NC14, 1280 acres,
A single well pad:
  • 19328, A, a middle Bakken, SE13-NW13, 640 acres
A single well pad: 
  • 27076, conf, NE13-conf


  1. 22 is not correct - go see the Samson Oil and Gas Corporate presentations. There are currently 12, with 10 more to go

    1. Thank you. That's why I always provide the link.