Thursday, July 25, 2013

North Dakota With 21,000 More Jobs Than Applicants

A human interest story on North Dakota's demographer yielded this comment:
The state has some 21,000 more jobs than takers at present and the lowest unemployment rate in the nation, at less than 3 percent, Job Service North Dakota data show.
From The Dickinson Press

By the way, I have heard that a college graduate, fresh out of college, will find a job almost immediately somewhere in the oil patch. They need to have a place to live, and a willingness to work 80+ hours per week in some tough weather, particularly during the winter. Applicants do not need to ask about opportunities during their off-time, because they will be too tired to do much more than sleep. It goes without saying, the pay is very, very good.

But, if you are a college graduate, do not go out to North Dakota without arranging for a place to live, and having a job already lined up. But if you have a place to live, and love to work 80 hours a week, and enjoy the outdoors, it's hard to pass up this opportunity.

With Menard's, Outlaw Grill, Famous Dave's, Acme Tool, etc., just breaking ground, even mid-level managers not directly related to the oil industry are still needed, I would assume. 

My two cents worth. And some of the jobs, I understand, are not particularly physically tough or dangerous -- just lots of hours.

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