Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Williston Wire: Williston's Buffalo Wild Wings #1 In Sales In The Entire Universe

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The lede: Two major retail projects are moving forward in Williston. The Badlands Town Center is set to break ground in June on a 56,500 square foot project that will have a strip mall and five addtional buildings. Meanwhile, a six-story downtown project is a step closer to being built.

From The Williston Wire, regarding Badlands Town Center:
A Williston family is trying to attract new retailers and restaurants to the City. 
Dale Branson, his daughter Ronica Branson-Harger and her fiancĂ© James O'Dwyer are partners in Triland Holdings, LLC. The group is planning to break ground on the first phase of the Badlands Town Center June 24th. 
The village-styled shopping center will be located on the northwest corner of 9th Street West and 42nd Avenue. It will have walkway access to 1,500 to 2,000 apartment units in the Roseland Subdivision.
 Apparently the city agreed to the multi-million-dollar downtown project.

Williston's Buffalo Wild Wings was the number one selling BWW in the country during its first seven days, beating out huge franchises in California and Florida. I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E.

Opportunity knocks: Arnegard schoolhouse for sale. At $2.5 million it is being offered for slightly more than $100/square foot. From The Williston Wire:
That's for not only the brick schoolhouse with its wide, creaky stairways and hallways, en suite bath and bedrooms in former classrooms, tall windows and science lab-turned-kitchen, but also the two gymnasiums, the newest and largest alone adding 7,000 square feet. That "newest" by the way, is relative; it is nearly 60 years old.
A strip mall will be built in downtown Williston. It might be best if city fathers come up with a better name for such malls. When the work force is 99.9% male, ....

For the second summer, United Airlines will fly daily nonstop flights from Rapid City to Houston, Texas, connecting North Dakota oil boom to Texas oil brokers.

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