Friday, April 20, 2012

TransCanada Reveals New Route -- Still Goes Over The Aquifer

Episode 47: Link here. Because I am traveling I cannot provide usual trailer/preview of this week's episode of As The World Turns.
The proposed new route still goes over the aquifer — which underlies much of Nebraska — but it avoids those areas of the Sandhills where groundwater lies under porous grasslands extremely close to the surface.
The LA Times story is excellent; go to the link. This is the only link I could find that had an easily-readable comparison map view; all other links had a very "busy" map that didn't easily compare the previous route with the new proposed route. MSNBC says the new route is likely to be enthusiastically supported by the Nebraskans.

By the end of the article, we learn that the Sandhills area is now found across the entire state of Nebraska according to some.  And so it goes.

The map

Episode 46: "Pipeline: The Theme Song."

Addendum to original post: likely 2012 timeline --
  • April 20: new route proposed
  • August 20: Nebraska state study concluded; cost, $3 million; recommends approval
  • September 20: close vote but approved by Nebraska legislature
  • September 30: Nebraska governor signs off on new route; accepts payment for study from co
  • October 20: SecState Hillary Clinton says her agency's recommendation will be released soon
  • November 6: SecState Hillary Clinton says recommendation will be released later this week

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