Friday, February 3, 2012

Data Points from the February, 2012, NDIC Hearing Dockets -- The Williston Basin, North Dakota, USA

Here are some of the data points from the February, 2012, hearing dockets that got my attention (see the full list -- transcribed/summarized at this link):

Normally, I see 10 - 20 requests for flaring. There were only two requests or so this month.

The Bakken is in the manufacturing stage, here are just some of the Hess requests, and others:
  • 16875, Hess, Ray and Dollar Joe-Bakken; establish 2 2560-acre units; up to 12 hz wells; up to six hz wells on each of 9 1280-acre units (24 wells + 54 well --> 78 wells), Williams
  • 16876, Hess, Big Butte-Bakken, 6 hz wells on a 1280-acre unit, Mountrail
  • 16877, Hess, Manitou-Bakken, 6 wells on each of 6 1280-acre units, Mountrail (36 wells)
  • 16878, Hess, Alger-Bakken 6 hz wells on 7 1280-acre units (42 wells), Mountrail
  • 16883, Hess, Alkali Creek-Bakken, 6 hz wells on each of 8 1280-acre units (48 wells), Mountrail, McKenzie)
  • 16884, Hess, Robinson Lake-Bakken, 6 hz wells on each of 12 1280-acre units (72 wells), Mountrail
  • 16898, Oasis, Bull Butte-Bakken, 6 hz wells on 2 1280-acre units; Williams (12 wells)
  • 16899, Oasis, Squires-Bakken, 6 hz wells on 3 1280-acre units; Williams (18 wells)
As many as seven or eight wells in one section:
  • 16887, Hess, Bear Creek-Bakken, 7 hz wells on a 640-acre unit; Dunn, 
Madison wells: as many as 2 wells/160 acres
  • 16905, Petro Harvester, South Coteau-Madison, establish 2 160-acre units; 2 hz wells in each, Burke
  • 16906, Petro Harvester, Coteau-Madison, a 160-acre unit, 2 hz wells, Burke
  • 17011, WPX Energy Williston, amend Mandaree-Bakken, create 2 320-acre units, 2 wells on each unit, McKenzie
The norm is becoming 7 wells per 1280-acre spacing unit; too many examples to list; or 8 wells per 1280-acre unit, even by smaller companies:
  • 17146, Triangle, Rawson-Bakken, 8 wells on a 1280-acre unit; McKenzie
BR is requesting more and more 2560-acre units; 12 wells on each; CLR is requesting 2560-acre units, "multiple" wells from each pad
  • 16924, BR, Union Center-Bakken, a 2560-acre unit, 12 wells, McKenzie
  • 16925, BR, Berg, Keene, and Clear Creek-Bakken, a 2560-acre unit; 12 hz wells, McKenzie
  • 16926, BR, Clear Creek-Bakken, a 2560-acre unit, 12 hz wells, McKenzie
  • 16927, BR, Dimmick Lake-Bakken, a 2560-acre unit, 12 hz wells, McKenzie
  • 16928, BR, Pershing-Bakken, 2560-acre unit, 12 hz wells, McKenzie
  • 16929, BR, North Fork-Bakken, a 2560-acre unit, 12 hz wells, McKenzie
  • 17003, CLR, amend Chimney Butte and Murphy Creek-Bakken, 2 2560-acre units; multiple wells from each pad within each unit, Dunn
  • 17004, CLR, amend Chimney Butte-Bakken, create a 1 2560-acre unit, multiple wells from thepad, Dunn
  • 17005, CLR, amend Rattlesnake Point and Jim Creek-Bakken, create a 2560-acre unit; multiple wells from the pad, Dunn
  • 17006, CLR amend Cedar Coulee and Rattlesnake Point-Bakken, to create a 2560-acre unit; multiple wells from the pad, Dunn
  • 17007, CLR, amend Corral Creek and Jim Creek-Bakken, to create a 2560-acre unit, multiple wells from the pad, Dunn
When I first started the blog,  I was in good company that suggested we would see one well per section. How about four wells/section?
  • 16953, QEP, amend Heart Butte-Bakken, 4 wells on a 640-acre unit; 4 hz wells on another 640-acre unit, Dunn
  • 16765, cont'd, Dakota-3, extend Van Hook or Deep Water Creek-Bakken, create a 3840-acre unit, 22 wells on that unit (3840/640 --> 22 wells on 6 sections), McLean
Legacy: 90 wells?
  • 17015, Legacy, amend North Souris-Spearfish, create ~ 21 320-acre units, 4 wells on each spacing unit (84 wells); 3 180-acre units and 2 wells on each unit (6 wells) --> about 90 wells, Bottineau
New business ventures:
  • 17019, Dakota Maxum Partners, water recyling plants throughout the area; for fracking; potable
Pooling lists keep getting longer:
  • 17056 - 17092, EOG, pooling (~36 wells)
  • 17093 - 17133, Zavanna, pooling (~41 wells)
New operator? WPX is the spin-off from Williams Companies, traditionally a pipeline company.
  • 17142, WPX Energy,  Reunion Bay-Bakken, 7 wells on a 1280-acre unit, Dunn
  • 17143, WPX Energy, Squaw Creek-Bakken, 7 wells on a 1280-acre unit, McKenzie
  • 17144, WPX Energy, Mandaree-Bakken, 7 wells on a 1280-acre unit; 4 wells on each of 2 640-acre units; 3 wells on a 640-acre unit; 2 wells on a 320-acre unit, Dunn, McKenzie (20 wells)


  1. Formerly Williams E & P

    1. You beat me to the punch. Immediately after posting, I found my answer. I should have known that; I think I blogged about the spin off when it occurred. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

    2. Hey Bruce I am starting to think that Oxy came to the Oil Field with vast amount of money and all they get are Drippings,Iam Thinking that there People do not know how to do Horizontal Drilling this is sad or Anshultz put together a BILLION DOLLAR PKG. Oh Well pun intened Thanks For Venting Gene

    3. Wow, I agree with you 100%. I have blogged about this one at least one occasion. Their experience in their Dimond field has been very, very poor; they seem to be ignoring the Fayette and the Charlson where Anschutz was doing very, very well. I see OXY going back into the Fayette/Charlson area, so we will see.

      But I am quite unimpressed with OXY.

      2012 could be quite a year for acreage changing hands: CHK could be leaving; OXY suggests they are redeploying some of their rigs elsewhere.

  2. Question about a Continental well in Billings County. The Burian in Sec. 27, 141-99. Scuttlebut has circulated that major errors were made in drilling the well. Supposedly 2000 feet its target. How is that possible? Unless kickoff point for H leg was off and it took 2000 ft. to intersect the proper Three Forks stratum. ???

  3. Hopefully someone else reads your comment that might have more information. This well (#21806) is still on confidential status and nothing at NDIC accessible on this well.

  4. I was just wondering why 160acres for a spacing unit?


  5. Bruce:

    The BR request for 2560 acre spacing in the Union Center field corresponds with what they are doing with their Midnight Run wells. They already have six Midnight Run wells (4 producing and two on confidential) on 1280 acres, and now they want to double the spacing and drill a total of twelve. That indicates to me that Union Center must be a very productive field for them!

    1. And I think this is just the beginning across much of the Bakken. Now we know why some acreage was going for $14,000/acre bonus in leases.