Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hess: Getting Its Mojo Back? Random Look At Another Hess 6-Well Pad -- The Bakken, North Dakota, USA

Back on May 28, 2010, Hess was issued permits for a 6-well pad in Robinson Lake oil field. Let's see how they have done:
  • 19074, 629, Hess, EN-Frandson-154-93-2116H-1; RL, Bkn, s7/10; t12/10; cum 84K 4/12
  • 19075, 225, Hess, EN-Frandson-154-93-2116H-2; RL, Bkn, s8/10; t5/11; cum 65K 4/12
  • 19076, 1,325, Hess, EN-Frandson-154-93-2116H-3; RL, Bkn, s8/10; t8/11; cum 153K4/12
  • 19077, 717, Hess, EN-Trinity-154-93-2833H-1; RL, Bkn, s7/10; t2/11; cum 114K 4/12
  • 19078, 941, Hess, EN-Trinity-154-93-2833H-2; RL, Bkn, s8/10; t7/11; cum 110K 4/12
  • 19079, 1,125, Hess, EN-Trinity-154-93-2833H-3; RL, Bkn, s8/10; t8/11; cum 138K 4/12
These are some great wells.

Look at #19076: it reported almost 100K in first three months. My rule of thumb is that the well is on its way to being paid for as it reaches the100,000 bbl cumulative milestone. Yes, I know costs of fracking have increased significantly, and there are many, many variables, but my hunch is I am not too far off based on a posting many months ago when CLR talked about the first Bakken well that had paid for itself. (I can't find that post now; maybe I will stumble across it someday.)

It's been my experience that whenever I get into these discussions, I get a lot of pushback telling me I'm way off, so I generally don't spend too much time on posting this information. But for newbies, 100,000 bbls is a nice milestone by which to track and compare Bakken wells. By the way, if this well is pretty much paid for in the next few months, remember, a Bakken well will likely produce for 35 years, and over that period of time will be refracked several times. There are folks who opine that secondary production will exceed that of primary production.

And finally this, it was / is not uncommon for a Madison well to produce for 20 years before it produces 100,000 bbls.


  1. Of the 5 ecopads Continental has surrounding Killdeer Mountains the one in 26-147-96 looks the best to me. After 7 months of production the cumulative of the pad is 475,277 bbls.

  2. Incredible, isn't it? And the manufacturing phase of drilling the Bakken has only just begun.

    Thank you for alerting me to this; I may follow this up with a stand-alone post.

  3. 7 months and 475,000 barrels? skip the pipeline and just build a micro refinery on site.

    Nomad Nodak