Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Natural Gas: Will Help Reduce Greenhouse Gas -- MIT

MIT reports periodically on its research into natural gas.

The conclusions reached in this paper will not be new to those who have been following the industry.
Natural gas is important in many sectors of the economy: for generating electricity, as a heat source for industry and buildings, and in chemical feedstock. Given the abundance of natural gas available through extensive global resources and the recent emergence of substantial unconventional supplies in the United States, worldwide usage of the fuel is likely to continue to grow considerably and contribute to significant reductions of greenhouse gas emissions for decades to come, according to a comprehensive, multidisciplinary study carried out over the last three years by MIT researchers.
The link includes a link to the full report; in case the link above is broken, here is the link to the report itself.

A big "thank you" to Mike for alerting me to this article.

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