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Strong Maine Lobster Harvest is Forseen -- Boston Globe


March 19, 2017: seventh year of record catches of Maine lobster.
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PORTLAND, Maine — On the heels of last year’s record-shattering catch, another bountiful lobster harvest is expected this year in Maine.

Last year, Maine fishermen caught more than 90 million pounds of lobster, breaking the record of 81.2 million pounds in 2009. Even though the resource is in strong shape and signs are pointing to another whopper of a harvest, lobstermen are approaching the season ahead with caution.
For those interested in reading about the comeback of the lobster fishing industry, read The Secret Life of Lobsters: How Fishermen and Scientists Are Unraveling the Mysteries of Our Favorite Crustacean. Biologists saved the industry and lobster fishermen are indebted to them. Getting there was not easy for either party, however.

I read that book a few years ago. Incredible. It was a gift from my daughter when we visited her family in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. They now live in Boston area where we spend much of our time. As mentioned earlier, these are my ports o' call: Boston, the Bakken, San Pedro (California), and San Antonio (Texas).

But back to the story. I talked to Roy Moore in Rockport, Massachusetts, yesterday about lobster "farming" while he was boiling our 1.5 pound lobster -- 12 minutes exactly. He was the one that brought up the book; loved it. He's been in the business 32 years; he looks about 40 years old, if that. He lets his son bring in the lobsters now (outside his back door at the wharf where one can touch, see, photograph "Motif #1").

Roy Moore has not raised his prices for lobster in six years: $15 each, boiled, cracked, butter, wet towel, lots of paper towels, and cleanest bathrooms in the country. The maitre d' was a laughing seagull. Serves no beverages. You put your dollar bill into a vending machine just inside the door to his 8' x 8' "restaurant" and carry your selection to the deck in the back, next to the traps, galoshes and Mackintoshes.

Down the street, the sit-down, more upscale restaurant serves lobster and fries for $12.99. More than likely they will serve you a beverage.

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